MooseMan 2011 (Toronto Regional) This Weekend !

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MooseMan 2011 (Toronto Regional) This Weekend !

Postby marcgorcey » 5 years ago

Tickets $70 ~ Go to:

mOOSeman 2011

[This event will be held near Haliburton, ON this year on the July 29-August 1 long weekend. Full details, including a guide with directions will be emailed to participants on July 27th]

This year's Mooseman weekend is set to take place in a new venue on a hilly terrain near Haliburton ON. Our site this year is beautiful, and will include a 1 km ring road through the forest taking you on a magical path past dance venues and theme camps. Tickets may be purchased by pARTicipants 19 years of age or over.

Note that ALL admissions are on-line 'will call' tickets.

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