Damn Fucking Texans (Gigsville) Ride Again!

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Damn Fucking Texans (Gigsville) Ride Again!

Post by DFTSugha » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:53 am

Damn Fucking Texans - PRESS RELEASE

You know’em, you love’em, U is’em. DFT will be making a stand in Gigsville this year.
Calling all Hippy’s, Kitties (MEOW), Burners, Sexy Boys and Girls and the rest of y’all FUCKERS, sorry Muther, I don’t know what category to put you in ;) Newbies too ;P Damn Fucking Texans! Will Make a Stand @ Burning Man 2011 with our kindred spirits of Gigsville, oh how we Love THEE!!! Are we IRREVERENT? FUCK Yeah! Are we the BESTEST most KICKING ASS’IST? Hellz to the Yeah! Are we gonna create HYJINKS on demand, oh Hellz 2 the Fucking Yeah! We are limiting initial spaces to 30 campers; we will ask to grow if there is more interest.
Location: Gigsville 2:30 E – F
There are five options for taking advantage of the DFT Party Train.
1. Travel Trailer Rental
a. Put a group together and whoever can sleep there, it can be a community den as well.
i. Entire week $500 – Cheap for Solid Shelter – Willing to barter Sugha indentured servitude if interested. I’ll provide a redeemable coupon book of things that you can do to and for me ;) No more than 4 people in the renting group
2. Transport
a. Currently the caravan includes a 25’ RV, leaving from ATX, pulling a 16’ travel trailer. The travel trailer will be available for rent on the Playa, but will be used for hauling stuff on the trip. It’s a nice playa shelter!
b. Volume Based Transport: $75 – You get the equivalent space of a 102qt Igloo Cooler for that price. Space is sold in volume increments, larger volumes cost more.
c. Bike: $65/Bike – Must be delivered in a bike box with ONLY the bike inside.
3. Gigsville Camping
a. Camp BITCHES!
b. Dues $20
4. Transport and Camping
a. Camp BITCHES!
b. Dues: $20
c. Transport: $65 – You get the equivalent space of a 102qt Igloo Cooler for that price. Space is sold in volume increments, larger volumes cost more.
5. RV Crew – ROAD TRIP!!! 4 Spots, $250/spot
When we hit the Playa, we have kegs of beer, Simple Bar, 2 RVs, the travel trailer and campers to make up our camp. We plan on building some sort of shade structure with the RVs as foundational supports. Ideas? Things to contribute? Please do! We want to go somewhat simple on the camp. Shade Structure, Bar, Some Keg Beer (Shiner/Lone Star), maybe Margarita Machine. Once you secure your spot and enough interest has been shown, we will organize a meeting to discuss ideas and what everybody can bring to the table.
We look forward to seeing what the playa will provide ;) Cheers!
Who u gunna call?
• Matthew Butler (Sugha) – ATX – mbutler555@gmail.com 281-389-0110
• Kathleen Keahey (Smash) – HST - kathleeen@yahoo.com
How u gunna pay? Paypal: dftplayadust@gmail.com
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Re: Damn Fucking Texans (Gigsville) Ride Again!

Post by illy dilly » Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:50 am

I like you camp flag!
Why don't ya stick your head in that hole and find out? ~piehole
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Re: Damn Fucking Texans (Gigsville) Ride Again!

Post by Dr. Pyro » Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:50 pm

I didn't know there was an L in it.

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