Ithaca, NY

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Ithaca, NY

Postby chongman99 » 5 years ago

Hey, If anyone is around Ithaca, NY and not at the burn this year, get in touch with me and we'll have a drink and throw on some costumes. I can't make it to the burn this year (2011) and would love to find burners in the area.

And if you are going, GODSPEED! Kick ass. Have fun!

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Re: Ithaca, NY

Postby silverdust » 5 years ago

Couldn't make it either, school got me buy the balls this year (actually I just moved out from california only a few weeks ago, which makes it that much futher). My friend is there though, and I try to channel her as best I can. I find myself marginally placated by the live feed, a poor replacement for the reality that I think of bm everyday I am not. Anyway, I would love to meet some of the locals.

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