Yuris Night 2012 - Reno

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Yuris Night 2012 - Reno

Post by d6 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:39 pm

figured it was time for Yuris Night Reno 2012 to have it's own thread. here once more is the FB event link:

and here's another link to some edited space audio that will be heard in the non-porta-potties:

proceeds benefit playa art, medical bills, and also donations to the reno homeless shelter.

there will be many artists on display. many performers to be seen. many bleepity bloops to be heard, all hopefully amongst a sea of astro hunks, shapely space gals and ultrasonic freezer guns.
your witty rejoinder just flew over my head.....

no trust fund getting supply buying self-reliant non-bankrolled questionable artistic contributor sacrificing electronics at will build it destroy it clean it haul it financially uninterested uber-bot

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