SOAK* 2012 Call for Effigy Submissions!

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SOAK* 2012 Call for Effigy Submissions!

Postby ArmadilloP » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:14 am

SOAK* 2012 :: June21-24, 2012.

SOAK* is a multi-day interactive arts festival and camping event inOregon with lush meadows, rushing creek and wooded trails. SOAK*promotes participation and self-expression. The event features performance art, live music, themecamps, burlesque, DJ's and workshops, both Fridaynight & Saturday night burns. Thelocation at Prindel Creek Farm this year offers ample room for artprojects, theme camps and art cars. There is much potential!

Now accepting effigy design submissions. If you have a design conceptthat you would like to submit for consideration, please e-mail yourdesign to the follow address:

The final deadline for effigy submissions is now April 22nd (updated). It is not necessary for your effigy proposalto be related to the theme, but we certainlyhope to see something bigger & bolder,and maybe something that people can climb on?

SOAK* 2012 Theme :: Time Travel Field Trip

Our scientists have reported thediscovery of several chronocosmic time waves of unprecedented sizeconverging on Prindel Creek Farm in Tidewater Oregon on June 21 in theyear 2012 CE. The sheer magnitude of these waves practically guaranteesthe opening of several large cross-time rifts connecting the Jurassicperiod, vaudeville, Steampunk, Europe, new baroque, 1987, andtwenty-third century Mars, all in the span of a weekend in the Oregonforest. Further scans of this location reveal lush meadows nearby,several odd geodesic structures, a creek for swimming and numeroustime-loop trails to explore.
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