Land of Volcanoes and Lakes - Central America burners?

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Land of Volcanoes and Lakes - Central America burners?

Post by jaylin » Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:30 pm

pssss ssssss hola chicos....I just secured a ticket and I'm coming from Nicaragua. Looking to meet, plan, party with others from Central America....El Salvador? Honduras? Guatemala? Get in touch, especially if this is your first burn. This is my 3rd and I want to help out, adopt, and/or kidnap virgin burners from or traveling through CA (down here that means Central America, not California! and American means all of the Americas, not stars and stripes!).

I have equipment, contacts, supplies in the USA for these lovely international gypsies and nomads. Would love to organize a Pan American highway tour up to Black Rock City. I'd rather bus or drive up to BM than fly, any burners driving up from Mexico? Costa Rica? Panama? anywhere near me in Nicaragua? Get in touch please. Vamos..


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