Cirque Du Mar, Pier 2 Reno Fundraiser 5/5

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Cirque Du Mar, Pier 2 Reno Fundraiser 5/5

Post by fbcota » Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:49 am


The Pier is coming back and it has grown a Spanish Galleon over the winter. And well, we need your help. We are having a number of Fundraisers in Vancouver, SF and Reno and our big one is coming on May 5th in Reno called Cirque Du Mar (bad grammar on purpose). It will be a giant nautical circusy weird musical event at the underground with The Mutaytor, Black Rock City All-stars, a whole slew of Dj's, Mermaids and Mermen, Games, and well whatever our twisted little minds come up with in the next 2 weeks.

We really want to capture the feel of Burning Man beyond the music alone. Last year we did our best to capture that sense of fun unexpected adventure and this year will be no different.

So come out, all the funds will go directly to Pier 2 (Mostly to build the full scale spanish galleon shipwreck at the end of this years pier). Please come, please, you know that whole helping to make a dream come true thing :).

Matt / Janky

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