who else beside me slept through the burn?

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who else beside me slept through the burn?

Postby jupiterokid » Fri Sep 05, 2003 4:57 am

yep i'm the idiot that missed the frickin burn cause i played a little too hard the night before, i was kept busy due to the fact that i had become luke skywalker foced to gaurd the back entrance of a cosmic fortitude, just outside the galaxies forth most deepest end....

sooooooo now that thats taken care of . i am determined to round up as many people who fell into this catagory, and organize a plan meet next year in a remote place to all go and finish a much unexplained direction of fate, i mean out of the entire elecintricity village , and first falling asleep at center camp, i was sleeping as if my hearing were completly impared.
i heard nothing that was attempting to wake me up, i really wouldn't have minded even if they carried my ass to the playa in hopes to be awoken by all the energy, but it happened for a frickin reason and its only forced me to seriously consider my plans for completion of ultimate gratification to expierience the ultamate climax of the entire envioronment, i will not stop til i recieve permission from the man himself in 2004...
respectfully still a virgin burner
yep i was the idiot who slept through the burn, my first burn

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you have the funniest story i have ever heard

Postby THE ORIGINAL DIGIMAN » Fri Sep 05, 2003 7:57 am

you have the funniest story i have ever heard. that is pretty sad though.please email me when it's time to go to the next burn and i will make sure i am up there and you are up there and i will make sure to


so you dont miss the man burn. promise.

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