Come heal with the Florida En Fuego Community. Montecello FL (FL GA AL MS SC NC, all SE states) Jun 24-26 (THIS WEEKEND)

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Come heal with the Florida En Fuego Community. Montecello FL (FL GA AL MS SC NC, all SE states) Jun 24-26 (THIS WEEKEND)

Post by FjordLynn » Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:12 am

As you may have heard, Florida has been hit with a gigantic tragedy. Orlando has been rocked by the news of a mass shooting at an LGBTQIA+ friendly club and our Phlorida Phambly has one of our own counted among those affected directly by the tragedy.
Florida En Fuego is dedicating the Temple Burn at The Event to the victims of this tragedy and their families, as well as Lizzy Tampa Starr and Alex Soss Boss, two other burners we've lost in the year.
Please allow us to invite you to come to the work-play weekend starting June 24. If able, please join the temple build crew in creating an honor to those we've lost, the victims of that tragedy, and to the wider LGBTQIA+ community. We will have a special activity for those who wish to cheer up the brother of the woman in our community who was killed in the shooting. We know the end result will not only have Brian laughing a happy laugh but feeling the love from those who participate.
There is no fee for work-play weekends, but ten principles still apply. Radical self-reliance. Leave no trace. Decommodification. Gifting. All the things.
You are not expected to work, you can just come and play, share your grief, and support others. But we would be happy to have your gift of work if you can provide it. Little tip, though, you should swim in the lake in the heat of the day and work only near sundown.
We hope that if you are as shocked by these events as we are and you need a burn family to help heal, that you will come and join us in creating a temporary and immediate sanctuary of and for us all.

Healing dedication ceremony, group talk, and activities will begin Sunday June 26th at 6pm. This build is free to come, it's an open house for Xanadu, so you can come just for that time and leave if you like. Or come earlier, enjoy the land, help *if you want to*, and overnight tent. Drinking usually starts at night fall.

1623 W Washington, Monticello, FL 32344

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