Question Regarding Beverage Distribution

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Question Regarding Beverage Distribution

Post by DesertJackal » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:43 am

Looking for a little help here.

I'm part of a camp that's going to have an interactive art gallery. During the Burn we're inviting folks to come paint in our gallery and were planning on serving some cool refreshments to folks, as well as having a 'gallery opening' party that we host on Thursday to celebrate the art work that's been created. We are planning on solely distributing keg beer / wine and/or other pre-packaged beverages to folks with ID's and non-alcoholic beverages (either pre-packaged or powdered drinks distributed from an igloo drink-specific cooler). Does this type of distribution require a food permit?

From the food permit guidelines: "If you are planning to make and give away food or drinks to the public on the playa including fresh squeezed juice, coffee with dairy, or even snow cones" ( ... ting-food/) Because of the wording focusing on prepared / fresh food, I'm not sure that the permit would apply here.

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