Pre-Playa Food Testing

What do you eat and drink on the playa? Share ideas, recipes and advice here.

Do you pre-test or sample food choices before you get to the Playa?

Yes, and I keep an itemized list of the results because I'm OCD
Yes, and I keep an itemized list of the results because I'm OCD
I intend to, but never do
I intend to, but never do
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Postby Trishntek » Sun May 22, 2011 10:28 am

TomServo wrote:alcohol infused fruits? like cherry bombs? kill two birds with one stone.

110 proof cherry would probably inhibit microbial blooms.
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Postby illy dilly » Mon May 23, 2011 10:16 am

We typically stick with the 1 planned meal a day. We find that everyone tends to be back at camp just before sunset, cause they need to change and get ready for night fall, which makes it the perfect time to cook. Again, we try to think meals that have little to no clean up. Like 1 pan/pot meals. 1 of my favorites is Beanies and Weenies. Poor backed beans in a pan, dice up some hot dogs put them in pan, heat.... Done.
We try to think of meals that we like to make at home.... that are also easy?
Do you like HamburgerHelper? I do, and all you godda do is pick the flavors that need cups of water not milk.
What about simple Bean and Beef Burritos? Instead of diced tomato just use salsa in a jar, have a small Sour Cream that you don't open until the night you have Burritos. Also, consider cooking the beans and meat together in a pot/pan.
Also, we have started using ground turkey in place of ground beef for everything except hamburgers. I don't know, but that might help with some of the kosher and other diet conflicts.

I find that I have developed an almost daily hanker'n for apples. To TrishnTeks point about cores and peels, just let it dry out and throw them in with your burn trash.

A new staple I plan to add to the menu this year was sorta found by accident. The other week my SmAshly grilled up a bunch of diced and marinated chicken. She ate it one night as chicken nuggets, while I worked late. She planned on using the rest for big fancy salad later that week. But once I found out there was a gallon bag full of tasty chicken bites in the fridge it quickly turned into a quick easy grab and go snack. Needles to say there was no chicken left for salad.
I really liked the bite size chickens as a snack cause you could grab a couple pieces and just munch them like beef jerky. Since they were grilled a lot of the grease was gone, and they are high in protein and fiber so they fill ya up way better than potato chips or something. Gonna have to add a lb or 2 to the snack cooler (split between 3 or 4 bags to help maintain freshness).

As far as sodium packed pre-made food in bags and pouches we are big fans of the Mountain House meals. They aren't Freeze Dried, but they are dehydrated. All you godda do is boil 1-3 cups of water, poor it in, and mix it up. I always seem to have them for my on playa breakfast- but the breakfast flavors, like eggs and sausage, are nasty.
Comparatively, Cliff bars kick ass! Oatmeal Raisin rocks my world! SmAshly loves the White Chocolate Macadamia. Oddly, the nutritional value of one cliff bar is comparable to the nutritional value of 1 serving of some Mountain House Meals. We try to hit REI's big summer sale each year, but we tend to find that, of stuff we need, the only things that really are a good deal are the Cliff bars and the Mountain House.

ps. wow this post got real long real quick. Didn't realize I had so much to say about meals on playa.
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Postby Mojojita » Mon May 23, 2011 3:34 pm

Trishntek wrote:
TomServo wrote:alcohol infused fruits? like cherry bombs? kill two birds with one stone.

110 proof cherry would probably inhibit microbial blooms.

I am bringing to the Meet 'n Greet, "Drunken Tomatoes" - cherry tomatoes that are injected with and marinated in bacon flavored vodka, served with a dip of lemon pepper and bacon bits.

Have had treats brought by various friends of fruit packed in jars with moonshine. Even had a good recipe for Cabernet jelly. Also just saw a recipe for Mojito melon balls.

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