Cooler and ice management and you.

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Re: Cooler and ice management and you.

Post by Jordancc » Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:23 am

This is how we keep our coolers from every having water in them: Dry Bags and cereal dispensers.

Dry bags are rollable bags of heavy duty clear plastic that white water rafters use to keep their stuff dry on the water. I have had ziplocs fail on me, drybags are better.

The dry bags are great for block ice, for cubed ice we divide a bag into 2 tall plastic cereal containers. They seal to airtightness, are tall and thin so they can be used as dividers and are hard to knock over, and as the water melts it's easy to pour into cups for drinking.

Our latest upgrade is a small shower caddy with a handle to hold all of our condiments. this way we can just pull it out every meal, instead of groping through the entire contents of the cooler just to unearth both the salsa and the sour cream.
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