Reno airport food stores?

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Reno airport food stores?

Post by lostnfoundaround » Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:53 am

Hello all,

I'm coming in at about 12:30 am on August 28th. I was wondering if anyone can offer some tips or advice as to where to obtain enough food and (especially) water.

Are there stores that are in the immediate area that have been adequately stocked?

Also as of now I don't have a ride planned. I had intended to just head back to the airport and find fellow burners and ask to join them. Also I will look in the ride share page as the date nears but I'm not counting on it. Just asking in the airport seems secure enough, right?

This is my second burn but first time flying so any other tips are very much appreciated!

Thank you.

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Re: Reno airport stores?

Post by lucky420 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:44 am

There's a burner help desk set up at the airport. You will need to cab it or hitch a ride to one of the stores, there are no stores at the airport or really within walking distance. Go to and read about the local resources. There's lots of info regarding the stores with their addresses there. Save art on Keystone can be a good spot to shop and possibly get a ride.

. And yes check out the ride share board too.
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Re: Reno airport stores?

Post by BBadger » Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:50 pm

I think you need to get your shit together and do a little more planning.

Don't depend on burners who just happen to be picked up at airport to have enough space for an extra rider and all of his/her supplies at 12:30 AM in the morning. Don't "look in the ride share page as the date nears", look there now. What you should "not count on" is that anyone will have space for an unplanned rider hanging out at the airport. Coordinate your plans and rides with someone NOW while you have time, and they have space.

Where are stores? This is 2016. Open up Google maps and you'll find places in Reno you can shop. You won't find anything useful at airports except maybe duty-free liquor.

You need ground transportation, and that can possibly mean paying for taxis to do shopping if you can't find anyone to drive you around.
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Re: Reno airport stores?

Post by Eddaytona » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:15 pm

To answer the question:
There is a Cost-to-much-co less than two miles from the airport. There are a bunch of Wailmarts nearby too. The Wailmarts set up Burning Man sections and are very handy. Since they also allow our RV's to hang out in the parking lot, you might even find a ride. And!, they are open 24/7.
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Re: Reno airport stores?

Post by trilobyte » Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:24 am

Burning Man's Reno regional group had compiled a really excellent resource guide, but it appears to have been lost in the shuffle when the new site was launched. In the meantime, this page may be an excellent place to start looking for Reno shopping resources.

To answer the question about supply levels, Reno's plenty familiar with Burning Man and the tens of thousands of participants who travel through the area annually on their way to and from the event. The people are ridiculously friendly, and the stores are generally bulked up on the most commonly sought after items, though I imagine if timing works against you you may find bare shelves if you arrive right before a particular store's next restocking shipment.

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