Longevity of flat top conduit structure

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Longevity of flat top conduit structure

Post by MagicPixies » Tue Mar 03, 2020 10:17 pm

I am going into my second year with our theme camp and the topic of dues came up as part of our talk about recurring costs with our shade structure. We currently have a 30'x70' flat-top conduit structure with 1" poles, HD silver tarps for the top, and mesh tarps for side shade. Everything from our first year worked great and doesn't need to be replaced, but we're thinking of scaling up and putting some thought into costs down the road when components start to age. I was wondering what people's experiences were with how long they're shade components lasted and how often they were buying replacement parts.

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Re: Longevity of flat top conduit structure

Post by motskyroonmatick » Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:54 pm

I've maybe replaced 4 pieces of 1" conduit on my shade structures in all the time I have been putting them up at the burn. I have 2 large conduit structures now and had my first conduit structure on the playa in 2013 or so. I've never replaced a coupling piece but I have lost some of the turn screws which are available at any hardware store. Just do not raise or lower the roof with shade cloth attached in any kind of wind. I have a piece of agricultural shade cloth I have been bringing to the playa since 2009 and It has survived very well. Anecdotally it seems people are replacing tarps faster than shade cloth but since I only use shade cloth that is where my experience lies. I really believe in the single piece shade cloth sized to frame, double folded and taped reenforced sewn edges with grommets every 2 feet and 2 grommets on the corners 4" from the corner. They hold up really well. I only use 80% or above shade cloth on the roof portion.
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