Exp. RVers: Suggestions for House rules for renting an RV

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Re: Exp. RVers: Suggestions for House rules for renting an R

Post by Dr Helix » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:45 am

Captain Goddammit wrote:6 people in one RV absolutely sucks and results in all these rules about not using the shower, toilet, kitchen, A/C etc.
Well fuck, what's the matter with you? Why have one then?
Solution? BUY your own small RV, preferably a truck camper or a trailer. You can buy an old but useable (therefore perfect for the playa!) camper for a whole lot less money than renting a new coach for one week.
Then you, or you and your partner, make it your own.
Some paint, fabric and effort (on the part of the First Mate, but I'm always busy working on the MV pre-BM) and it's super plush and pretty inside.
This solves so many problems... enforcing house rules, collecting deposits, worrying about post event mad-rush clean up, tripping over other people's stuff, strained friendships.
I paid $1500 for my camper. It's got a big fridge, A/C, shower, big comfy bed, it's dust-free and a wonderful retreat when the playa is beating me or the first mate ragged.
Got nowhere to keep one? You can probably rent a storage space somewhere and still pay less than renting a coach for BM.
Or sell it, cheap at a loss for quick action and still be money ahead.
Easily the best thing I ever did was to find a small beater camper to take out there each year. $700.00 buy-in (and there are lots out there) And everything works. No limits on showers or shits. We control our own destiny there. I bring about 100 gallons of water for 12 days (We're early entry/exit) and I've never even come close to running out. I do agree the pumpers can get outrageous but what I do is cruise around and find a guy whose in between a planned stop and have cash on hand. Where it goes is his business.
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