Build a GalaxyHut Shade Structure

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Build a GalaxyHut Shade Structure

Postby galaxybeing » 6 years ago

I've written up instructions for the shade structure that I've been using and improving the last few years. I call it the Galaxy Hut and it's based on the Monkey Hut ( and other quonset hut designs, with additions for added size, strength, and deflection of the elements.

Check it out:


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Postby Hoolie » 6 years ago

Looks like a very comfy playa home. Well done.

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Postby almond » 6 years ago

sweet! i like the advanced 20x14 hut pictures haha.. ain't nobody going to f with that

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Re: Build a GalaxyHut Shade Structure

Postby LEVLHED » 5 years ago

so is the tarp for the "20x14" a 20' x 24' then?
What about adding ribs for her pleasure?

thanks...trying to whip one of these together for this year..
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