Ideas, advice, tips, and tricks regarding shelter, shade, tents, and camping. Yes, this includes RV's too.
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Postby PemaBoy » 6 years ago

Hello One and All,
what would be the ultimate shade structure that I could easily create but would be deeply secure and wind sustainable? I have ideas rummaging through my brain but....
Thanks for your thoughts.
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Postby skinnay » 6 years ago

I was in the same boat, researched for weeks and decided on the monkey hut

Only changes I'm making is using a 75% 10x20 ebay shade tarp and 2 8x20 camo nets on top of that to drape both sides and make an entrance.

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Postby Bluemandrew » 6 years ago

It's all about the monkey hut.

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Postby Fire_Moose » 6 years ago

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Postby cablemonkey » 6 years ago

I made a structure like this and it was a total disaster. So don't do what I did and you may have some better luck than I did.

Mistake #1 - We bought the cheaper lighter weight PVC tubes. They basically melted in the heat.

Mistake #2 - We lifted one side of the tarp so we could see all the passers-by. This in effect turned our structure into a giant kite.

Mistake #3 - We used bungie cords to lash our PVC together. The sun and the dust quickly reduced our bungies to shreds.

So we were camp Ribcage for the rest of the week, begging and borrowing shade from our neighbours. I will say that we did meet some cool people across the street, but it would have been so much nicer to have our own home.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 6 years ago

Yeah, but Camp Ribcage is a pretty cool name. It evokes living on the beach nestled into the ribs of a whale. You should keep it this year. Best Camp Playa Name this year.
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