DIY van awning

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DIY van awning

Postby bauhaus » 6 years ago

If I was to hammer two pieces of rebar into the playa (24" down) and slipped some pvc or conduit over them to support the tarp which would be attached to the van, would this suffice? Or should it by guyed down?

This isnt mine but its an example of what I'm talking about.


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Postby mudpuppy000 » 6 years ago

I think you'll need to guy it down. I think conduit or some aluminum tent poles would be better than PVC.

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Postby FIGJAM » 6 years ago

Id use bigger poles.

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Postby robotland » 6 years ago

I like to slide 2x2" under the roof rack on my Element and then spring-clamp shade material to THAT...No guy lines to trip over! Try spraygluing mylar space blankets onto cardboard- Hold up well and reflects heat crazy well!
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Postby Token » 6 years ago

The big problem with small shade like you have in the picture, other than it is really small;

The shade constantly moves and you have to move all your stuff with you. Coolers are big PITA in small shade.

You also have to deal with radiant heat from the playa all around your little shade.

A-frames or other similar structures that provide full coverage on at least two sides are a much better experience.

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