R.V. VS. Tenting it....

Ideas, advice, tips, and tricks regarding shelter, shade, tents, and camping. Yes, this includes RV's too.
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Post by Interested bystander » Mon Aug 23, 2004 6:43 am

Put me in the anti-RV crowd. My first burn I camped under a small structure, less than 10x10, with two other people including a guy in a pup tent. The next year my camping buddy brought his parent's RV and we stayed in that. Since that time I've been tenting it again. Without raining on Stuart's personal experience I would estimate that for 90%+ of the RVers it does isolate them from their neighbors and their surroundings, in fact for many that is just what they want. But the thing that bothers me as much as anything is that if I'm tent camping your RV can isolate me without my permission. Let's say I camp in a nice piece of desert on Tuesday. Then Wednesday RVers show up and park on either side of me. Now I can't see anything from my camp except their RVs and they are not likely to leave their comforts to interact with me. You can say I'm stereotyping all you want but I'm speaking directly from my experiences. I have yet to have an RVer camped next to or near me make any attempt to leave the comfort of the RV and interact with his neighbors. Well, I guess I can't include the 20-somethings down the street two years ago who interacted by standing on top of the RV yelling insults at passersby. Whether you take an RV or not is your choice but if you do try and camp rather than park and try not to close in the tent campers.

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Post by Layne » Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:13 pm

My first three years tent structure/trailer were fine except for I happen to be the body type that heats up terribly when I sleep and if it's too hot I cannot sleep AT ALL. It's painful as hell to not sleep for 8 days and I'm not nearly as

[/quote]90%+ of the RVers it does isolate them from their neighbors and their surroundings

Bet your ass! When I want to go down it's two earplugs, Ambien, and AC
and I'm gone for 6 hours. I don't want ANYONE to interact with me when
I'm trying sleep.

I interact with my camp and my surroundings for 18 hours a day and it's imperitive for me to be able to get some sleep, so that I can bring my
smiley productive self for those 18 hours.
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Post by jbelson » Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:17 pm

My thoughts, coming from a tent-trailer person. In a tent, you sleep like crap, are cranky for much of the day, and dont have a pleasurable retreat to recharge. With an RV, you sleep good, but tend to enjot the comfort a little too much. It's all nice and AC inside, then you step outside and think, "the hell with this" and go back into your comfort zone. Now some people will stay in the RV, others will be adventurous enough to leave it, depends on the person. But for some, the elements are a large part of the adventure and the trip wouldn't be the same with out knowing that you only had 3mm of synthetic fabric to protect you. Plus, some might look down on you for having an RV, but if so, who cares because they're probably not people that you want to talk to any way.
I know for my family, they need the trailer. It will keep them happy and help them enjoy the event more.
As for joining a camp, they might frown at first, but they will love the shade that you bring and the occaisional relief from the elements.
The whole shared discomfort is crap in my book. If you're the type of person that wants to share misery, your probably not much fun to be around.
And remember, most of the tent purists have been doing it for a while, so they have it down pretty good. If you dont have it all toghther, you'll probably look at the RV's with some jealousy.
But the question is are you a survivor, or a thriver? The arguements for and against and purity vs. acceptable are moot. There are 30,000+ experiences out there, so have one.

And if you do get an RV, dont use the toilet. The porta-potties are kept pretty clean and aren't far away. Dont shit where you sleep is a good rule to follow.
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Post by stuart » Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:39 pm


well, if you see this on the playa, look to the big ass RV parked behind it and know that it provides the power for this, transported all the components for this, houses much of the electronics needed to create this and provides a nice place for the operators to get some much needed sleep cuz doing this is hard work.

I promise you will not see HBO on the vid screens and we are a bullhorn free camp. No one will be on the roof taunting you unless you call Scott gettin some taunting.

We are pretty damn interactive to boot. I love hanging out in FRONT of all that, not behind it in the RV.
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Post by KitchenGodDave » Mon Aug 23, 2004 3:59 pm

I hope all RV and Tent people strive to be what both sides have deemed the good ones.

Good RVs:
Don't park right beside people in tents, you cut them off from the city.
Don't run your generator if it is exhausting right into someone's tenting area.
Invite your neighbors over. RVs can be intimidating and tent people won't approach on their own.
Make sure your RV isn't dripping weird stuff on someone else's camp.
Offer your shelter in rain and wind storms to those who couldn't afford an RV or the gas to get one there.
Participate and make yourself known and loved by your neighbors so much that they will want to RV it next year.

Good Tents:
Don't leave your gear lying around, it will blow away.
Rebar your tent so it doesn't take off like a parachute.
Protect your rebar so people don't ruin their feet!
Tie down your tent flies and haul in any loose shade structures in wind storms. The noise and danger of flapping tarps can be averted.
Make your shade structures so creative and pimping that RV people will lust after the coolness of your creations and leave the RV at home next year.

Personally I love building domes and any excuse to sleep in one is alright by me :)

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Post by Captain Goddammit » Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:01 pm

idiotekniQues wrote:
Badger wrote:
a few nice sessions of uninterrupted sleep.

Bwwwhahahahahaha..... yeah, let me know if you snag some of that.
it's worth a shot. a sleepin pill, some earplugs, and an air conditioned RV is my only hope.
I sleep much of the day in my RV, and the AC itself provides "white noise" to block most of the ambient noise.
And then I'm all good to go most of the night.
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