How can late-arriving RV's find the rest of their camp?

Ideas, advice, tips, and tricks regarding shelter, shade, tents, and camping. Yes, this includes RV's too.
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Postby portaplaya » 6 years ago

swampdog wrote:In porta-playa's diagram, you want the 2 end to end RVs on the windward side to block wind for the camp

Exactly right. And for newbies, the wind generally comes from the SW (which is toward 6:00 for most addresses)

U-shapes work better for radial "clock" streets, but try to grab the side of the street the wind is coming from

Code: Select all

          ==== D through K Street ==================="
               __                             ______ "
wind --> -->  |rv|                           | rv  | "
              |  |                            ------ "
              |__|                        __         2    5
               __                        |1 |        :    :
              |rv|        wind --> -->   |s |        0 to 0
wind --> -->  |  |                       |t |        0    0
              |__| ______                 --         "
                  |1st rv|                    ______ "
                   ------                    |  rv | "
              inner part of block             ------ "

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Postby Bexx » 6 years ago

Token wrote: Let's call it Camp Voluptuous Tuna.

GODDAMN IT! best name ever.

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Postby Token » 6 years ago

Bexx wrote:
Token wrote: Let's call it Camp Voluptuous Tuna.

GODDAMN IT! best name ever.

Feel free to use it.

I also like voluminous tuna

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Postby clerkkent » 6 years ago

In the past, our camp has agreed on a signpost close to where we *want* to camp. Whoever shows up first claims some space, then places signs with the actual location on the agreed upon sign post. Campmates that show up later goto the sign post and find out the final location.

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