Any ideas on how to shade the box of a 16' box truck?

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Any ideas on how to shade the box of a 16' box truck?

Postby yumyumms » 6 years ago

At first I was thinking of making a monkey hut to shade the truck and then I got a good look at the dimesions, that certainly wont do to shade a big 'ol box truck!

Ive read other posts on using box trucks to sleep in, and it seems a shade structure that has about 1' clearance over the surface of the truck is in order.

Im not sure how to go about making a CHEAPISH shade structure over the box part of the truck I rented that will also allow air to flow between it and the truck itself (to allow the heat to be carried off)

any ideas would be greatly appreciated :) -snark too if it comes with help!

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Postby Elorrum » 6 years ago

I saw a fellow who put a couple of saw horses on top of his truck and threw a tarp over those, leaving a good breezeway. It was well reinforced and anchored though, a very tight ship indeed.

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