What's better 6 inch or 9 inch bungee balls, and how many?

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What's better 6 inch or 9 inch bungee balls, and how many?

Postby Lucidvegas » 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I got a hook up on a canopy from a gentleman here in Vegas so I have a canopy yay! (Costco Carport )

Was wondering what is best, 6 inch or 9 inch bungee balls? And how many should I have ? I'm looking at a place that sales like 100 for 35 bux!

Just trying to decide do I need 6 or 9 inch.....and If I don't figure it out my OCD buying will make me buy both!

Thanks in advance.



This is what I was looking at.....
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Postby Sic Pup » 5 years ago

I don't have a whole lot experience but my guess is it's dependent on the usage. I can tell you I went with the 9" for my Monkey Hut last year and they just weren't taut enough given the size of the gap between the tarp and the PVC, I ended up borrowed some 6" from a campmate and they were much better (as I recall he borrowed a few 9" for his EMT shade structure for specific spots). 100 for $35 is what I paid, I'll probably grab 60 6" this go round ($21 @ tarps plus) but bring the 9" in case some one else has a use for them.

P.S. - FWIW - another camp mate used zip ties for his MH with equal success.

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Postby ConnieH » 5 years ago

I'm not sure what size our bungee balls are (I'm guessing 6"), but we wrapped them around the pvc twice on our monkey hut to make them tighter. You could do the same on whatever canopy you have if yours are too long. As to how many, more is probably better and extra is always nice to have!

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Postby TomServo » 5 years ago

if you buy 9 inch, and they're too long...you can make em work, by either looping them around the poles or tying the ball knot further down. Just to be safe Id get 9 inch....

although...6 inch should work...forget what I said! Get 6 inch, but bring spare 9 inch bungees
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Postby oneeyeddick » 5 years ago

What you actually end up needing more of is the little 4 inch ones, and they are cheaper too!
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Postby phil » 5 years ago

Your link doesn't go anywhere.

Here's how to find out what size you need. Buy 8 4", 8 6", and 8 9". Set up your frame and put your canopy over it. Even the canopy out and see which set of bungee balls will fit on each corner and one in the middle.

Your canopy will come with grommeted holes, so count all the holes, then add four (one additional bungee for each corner). That's how many bungees you need. Buy a half-dozen extra (more or less, depending on the total number). Then when you've got all the cords, set up the canopy again and make sure it's snug.

Good luck and have fun.

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Postby peachandpapa » 5 years ago

We have a 20'x30' shade structure and use 6" heavy duty bungees (wrap around the EMT once) due to the fact that the ball bungees snap easily. Better safe then sorry!
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Postby yellowdog » 5 years ago

What Phil said. I have a non-Costco type, maybe different sized tubing than yours, but I end up using both 4 inch and 6 inch. Experiment before you commit. you want the tarp tight to shed wind, but with enough give in the bungees to not rip out the grommets. Having two sizes allows me to make it just right. YMMV.

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Postby duder9000 » 5 years ago

Even better price: 100 for 20 bucks!

http://www.canopiesandtarps.com/ball-bu ... piece.html

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