Pinnacle cabin tent

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Pinnacle cabin tent

Postby Moongar » 5 years ago

Wondering if anyone has any experience or input about this tent, or pinnacle tents in general: ... ent237.htm

13'x8'x6'6". Two rooms. All mesh zips up. $149. Similar style canvas tents. Looks like it needs to be heavily guyed.

What do ya'll think?

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Re: Pinnacle cabin tent

Postby NellieX » 5 years ago

That's a huge tent for less than $200. I can't be of much help, but I'd go for it.

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Re: Pinnacle cabin tent

Postby littlelisanguyen » 2 years ago

Did you end up getting this Pinnacle cabin tent? How did it hold up? The set up looks a little more intensive than other camping tents on the market, but it looks comfortable. I am thinking about getting it for this year. Thanks.

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Re: Pinnacle cabin tent

Postby Eric » 2 years ago

The thread your responding to is from 3 years ago - it doesn't look like the original poster has even been back here since shortly after the 2011 event. You might have more luck looking through the more current threads on tents.
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