Will my tent be ruined?

Ideas, advice, tips, and tricks regarding shelter, shade, tents, and camping. Yes, this includes RV's too.
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Re: Will my tent be ruined?

Post by hotmess » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:17 pm

Spring Bar Vagabond 7, best tent ever! Love my Spring Bar!

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Re: Will my tent be ruined?

Post by Gonzo Frothwood » Tue May 01, 2012 6:04 pm

3/4" galvanized steel conduit, bolted onto 4" square plywood feet so it doesn't dig into the dirt. Slide all posts over 2' rebar. Prevailing wind side is solid PVC touching the ground, drilled in with T's at each end and 2' rebar holding it down. Double heavy-duty tarp on prevailing side, because I've had one split.Unlikely two will split. Shade cloth on all other sides of structure, grommets 1' apart. One extra connector of each type in case of malfunction. Using union connectors (thanks Dick).

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Re: Will my tent be ruined?

Post by Banana » Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:15 pm

I have used BIG 10 person tents ALL 9 previous years at BM. I have had the same 10 person tent since my 2005 burn, (I borrowed the 1st 2 years I went.......To the #$%# who said buy your own, going to BM your 1st year is very expensive when you have to buy ALL your gear. There is no shame in borrowing things. Especially if you won't be using it that often afterwards. I spent over $3000 my 1st year and STILL borrowed a tent.)

I have never had a problem with my tents, ever ( I have seen other people's tents collapse and snap poles....depends on quality and set-up). I wash them faithfully when I get home...inside and out. Not just with a hose, but rubbing all surfaces with my hands or a broom for the floor. Playa sticks without using actual friction. I don't use vinegar because that's acidic and will eventually breakdown the material and any water proofing that's on it. I camp a lot so I never leave my tent unwashed. The minute you touch it you will get dusty. This past year I discovered throwing it in the washer. TADA!!! Magic. You do need to open it up and dump out remaining clutter from inside 1st.

My tent has withstood massive wind and dust storms. You can seal up your mesh openings as well as possible, but not all of them, less chance for damage if air can move thru rather than against. Yes you will have to clean out your tent after a storm. I use a giant flat bed sheet to cover my bed every day and everything else is always kept covered....lids on/closed, use plastic bins, giant ziplocks, luggage zipped up if you have suitcases, etc. Bring a small hand broom and dust pan or a dust buster. You will also probably have to blow to get dust off some things....really. Playa is like talcum powder, not sand.

Also placing your tent with the smallest face to the wind is very helpful. Most (but not all) wind comes from the SW direction. Depending on where you camp, figure this out. The Trego Mountains are the big ones to the right of the Man, the Sun rises over them, so that's east.

And don't forget your staple shaped REBAR if you want your tent to stay put. Those tents stakes that come with tents will pull right out in a good wind storm and the playa is soft this year meaning you need to go deeper. 2 ft lengths bent into a staple and pounded flush into the ground are best. Mark your rebar and guy lines to avoid tripping and impaling injuries. They are the most common injury on the playa.


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Re: Will my tent be ruined?

Post by nuclearember » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:36 am

Banana wrote:I have used BIG 10 person tents ALL 9 previous years at BM. I have had the same 10 person tent since my 2005 burn, (I borrowed the 1st 2 years I went...
Banana, what brand is yours?

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Re: Will my tent be ruined?

Post by StevenGoodman » Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:44 pm

Springbar and Kodiak tents rock. Heavy and expensive, but they last forever. Your grand kids will still be using them!

The only thing better is ""GP" tents. "General Purpose" military tents. There is a reason they have used them in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. But you need a platoon to put them up. But great once they are.

But the main things are wind and stakes. Try to put your car to the SW (Gerlach) of your tent, that will help a lot. Until there is a northern blow (when the BIG dust storms hit), then we are all in trouble. Hope you have an RV to the north. (North is basically the open direction out beyond the Man. 25+ miles of open desert, with nothing to slow the wind down. If you see a storm coming from the north you find the nearest bar, and drink all their booze!)

You need good stakes for your tent, but you DO NOT need rebar. But rebar is good, and easy to get. I prefer the V or W style military stakes. Good in the playa, or soft muddy ground. If your tent only have a few stake points use them all, and maybe even run a rope over the top. If your tent has a lot (like a Springbar or Kodiak) use at least half, especially up wind.

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