Covering tent mesh

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Covering tent mesh

Postby zonka » 4 years ago

I try to figure out the best way to seal the mesh in my 4 person dome tent.

Looking at some posts possible solution is clamping a blanket or a sheet over the mesh areas of the tent.
- what would be better, a fleece blanket or just an old sheet? Do simple sheets block the dust?
- is it a must to get the cover blanket/sheet tight close to the tent material? (... a bit difficult since the external poles do not allow the cover to be tight on the tent).

Similarly if I choose to stitch material over the mesh - will old sheets be sufficient?

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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby lemur » 4 years ago

I use an old sheet which I attach using safety pins and velcro on the inside of the tent so I can open it on hot days... works ok ....nothing will stop all of the dust
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby Bob » 4 years ago

Amazing desert structures & stuff:

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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby Jackass » 4 years ago

Yes! Why didn't I think of this? Its obvious, it's handyman in a can.
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby dragonpilot » 4 years ago

I used pieces of wool blanket cut to fit the mesh sections. If you have time wrap stitch the edges of the blanket to the outline of the mesh with fairly heavy's a little tighter than clamps. Does a great job minimizing dust sifting in from overhead.
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby geospyder » 4 years ago

My wife took the rain flap from another tent and sewed it over the mesh. No dust at all (at least from the mesh area). I still have the window for ventilation if needed.
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby Karma » 4 years ago

Use a cloth and glue gun, or even Gorilla tape works great as long as you do it before your arrival on Playa cause once there dust immediately coats everything and nothin likes sticking to Playa dust.
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby AntiM » 4 years ago

I use a cheap pressed felt blanket, thicker acts like a filter and insulation. I don't want to permanently alter the tent.

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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby Father_Burn » 4 years ago

Somebody in my camp last year used space blankets. Said it kept it cooler... Dunno if it's true. I have an RV.
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby Merc007 » 4 years ago

When I was using tents I used muslin, either hot glued, safety pinned or velcroed to the tent. The pest tip I can give you is put the sheeting on the outside of the tent not on the inside, and always leave a some mesh uncovered to give your self some ventilation (like the door). I tried old sheets and various plastics. The plastics did well keeping dust out, but made the tent feel like being inside a rubber glove. The old sheets did well, but I liked the muslin best. A bit of dust did come through, but it breathed while keeping out 90% of the dust without the muslin, so I think it was a good trade off.

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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby stew » 4 years ago

My advice: forget about it, dust will enter your tent anyway. Don't waste any time taping and sealing, just get a big plastic tub with a lid and put all your things in there. Roll up your sleeping bag when you're not using it.

Been there, done that. Taping mylar to the outside of your tent is a good way of making lametta in just a short wind storm.

Besides, what are you doing in your tent anyway? The playa is out there!
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Re: Covering tent mesh

Postby JovReef » 4 years ago

do a tent inside a tent. The little 2 person sleeping tent we use inside the 8 person tent stays pretty darn dust free.
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