Sealing up the vents on an RV???

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Sealing up the vents on an RV???

Postby Bikesboardsbabes » 4 years ago

Anybody have recommendations for sealing up the venting on a RV or Travel Trailer.

I'm concerned about the breathing and exhaust vents on my refrigerator getting to much dust in them to breath. I was thinking something like a breathable barrier like Tyvek, something with a very fine weave but that still breaths? How about the water heater as well, cover it when its not on and uncover when your running it (it puts of a ton of heat)??

Thanks guys!

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Re: Sealing up the vents on an RV???

Postby Just_Joe » 4 years ago

If it's fine enough to keep dust out, it's probably going to inhibit circulation enough to create problems. We run the water heater in the morning and it keeps temps warm throughout the day. The only thing I do is cover the range vent on the outside- My first year (with it uncovered), I ended up with dust dunes on the cooktop.

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Re: Sealing up the vents on an RV???

Postby Drawingablank » 4 years ago

Range vent is a must, and if your rv windows have those 2 little vent holes on the bottom edge of the frame, it helps to tape over those as well.

I wouldn't even consider covering an exhaust vent - you might find yourself dead from carbon monoxide.
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Re: Sealing up the vents on an RV???

Postby jella » 4 years ago

We have an older rv and I taped up the heater grate with cardboard and all of it's vents with blue painters tape. Anything you can see daylight from outside into the coach though a access door is a place for tape :) I used a whole roll !
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