Monkey hut and Rebar questions

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Re: Monkey hut and Rebar questions

Postby ottomanrobot » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:08 am

Thanks for the tip on the aluminet tarp. I think that's an excellent choice, but I have t agree on the cost and getting skinned :) I ordered a heavy duty tarp from PTM tarps, with 18 inch apart grommets. Let's see how it works out. The reason for choosing a solid tarp was to minimize the dust flow and maximize sun shading.

As far as rebar placement, how far apart from one and to the other did you end up placing them? I'm doing the rib spacing 5 feet apart. Also using a 24 feet wide tarp but only 20 feet long.

Strata wrote:BTW, I got my 24x30 foot 70% aluminet tarp, banded and grommeted, from It came to $453 including tax and shipping, and I'm wondering if I got skinned along with the monkey hut. Hope you find better pricing-- and please let us know if you do!

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Re: Monkey hut and Rebar questions

Postby Strata » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:39 am

I'm doing the width of the arches as 15 feet. That gives me room for 14 foot diameter shiftpod underneath. Note that I've extended each rib by 3 feet for 13 foot ribs. I think a regular 10 foot rib monkey hut would be fairly low inside with a 15 foot spread.
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