Popup trailer remodel for BM

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Re: Popup trailer remodel for BM

Post by shroom » Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:26 am

Jackass wrote:Thanks, I'm quite proud of it. That's after 4yrs of adding on and a few adjustments...I'll probably be adding on another center porch over hang, giving me an additional 120sf of covered area this year (14 legs). The EMT set-up is awesome because you can reconfigure or add on in any direction frum year to year, all you need is more/different connectors and more EMT.
1st year: 8 legs
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I love the shelter you've built around the camper. Making me think! 8)
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Re: Popup trailer remodel for BM

Post by Thecatman » Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:32 pm

I wouldn't think of buying one of those teal camper kits either. I posted it for shits and giggles. And information if anybody would be interested.
mgb327: that's a nice set up there. There's somebody in California selling a 16ft Jayco designer series on craigslist.$2900. In the Sacramento area
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Re: Popup trailer remodel for BM

Post by mgb327 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:33 pm

I just measured mine and it is 15' long, and 24' extended. I paid $3000. I just love it, nice storage up front, enclosed the "hole" where the fridge was and it now holds 12 gallons of water and 1 of the coolers. Standup shower. Comfy bed. I think I got it down to 1200 pounds, empty. I fill the liquids in Calpine, Cal., I go there a day early to regroup and get ready for the drive up to BM. Mine had an AC unit on the top, 175 pounds that I didn't need, plus it was all I could see in the rear mirror. Put an opaque openable vent in the hole. I really think it is the best answer for me, as the drive is a long one. I camped in the Suburban for 2 years there, which wasn't too bad, just got tired of not being able to stand up.
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Re: Popup trailer remodel for BM

Post by 2WheelGuy » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:29 am

[quote="Captain Goddammit"]My situation makes a slide-in truck camper the right type for me, and I'd love to have a brand new one... but Jeebus H. Christ, they run $25 to well over $50k!


I bought a new 2009 Arctic Fox truck camper for $17,000 right off the lot. The superstructure is welded aluminum members which allows me to put 240 gallons of fresh water in the survival bags on the roof

I've also installed a solar system, a 2000 watt inverter and do not require a generator.

I've hauled this thing 50,000 miles so far and not a problem.

They're made in oregon and you can probably find a good deal at dealer in the fall
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