Outside Services & Deliveries on Playa

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Outside Services & Deliveries on Playa

Post by trilobyte » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:36 pm

The Placement team sent this out in a recent newsletter to placed camps, and with their kind permission I'm reposting it here, since there's a chance that some camps that are not placed may find it useful.
Deliveries to Black Rock City
While many participants practice the principle of radical self-reliance in the form of transporting their own trailers, box trucks, items strapped to cars & creatively packed vehicles to Burning Man, sometimes radical self-reliance on a larger scale can involve needing to make arrangements with outside commercial or industrial service providers.

If you or your group has contracted with an Outside Service Provider that will need access to the event site to make deliveries in support of a project building the city’s infrastructure, there are a few different options for them to deliver to the event.

The most commonly used options are summarized below:
  1. Buy your delivery driver a ticket and a vehicle pass - Either your group purchases a ticket and vehicle pass for the delivery driver, or the driver purchases their own ticket and vehicle pass. The driver can then enter the event site through the main gate and stay to attend the event if they wish. If they need to make more than one delivery they will need to pay $20 upon exiting the gate for an in/out pass. If you’ve hired someone to make this delivery, they will probably need a BLM Special Recreation Permit (see below).
  2. Outside Services Program - Our Outside Services Program is intended to help support projects by facilitating access to the event site by larger-scale service providers. Delivery Providers that wish to participate in this program must complete the Outside Services Application by Tuesday, July 15. They will be required to provide proof of their insurance, business license, and BLM Special Recreation Permit (see below).
For more information about the different delivery options available see this page.

If you have questions about which delivery method is right for your service provider, please feel free to email [email protected]

Special Recreation Permits
The Burning Man Event occurs on public land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Commercial activities (services rendered with the intent of making a profit or financial gain, or delivery of goods and services onto public lands for a fee) are prohibited within the Burning Man Closure area unless specifically contracted by Black Rock City, LLC, and permitted by the BLM. Any services that are gifts to other members of the community, and for which you have received no payment, are not considered commercial. Outside groups that provide commercial services to participants or theme camps must obtain their own Special Recreation Permit (SRP) from BLM.

This permit is in addition to the application you need to complete in order to work with Burning Man’s Outside Services Program.

To secure a Special Recreation Permit from the BLM (you need to call before submitting your permit application):
David S Freiberg
Outdoor Recreation Planner
Ph: 208.732.7271; Fax: 208.732.7317
[email protected]

Additional Reading
Delivery FAQs
Delivery of Fuel

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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