RV Rental budget for 7 days

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RV Rental budget for 7 days

Post by maLka » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:38 pm

Hi folks,

I'm reading a lot in this forum but also in the internet about the RV tips/advice do's and don'ts and when it comes to renting rv's for BM I go blackout.

I'm coming from Barcelona for this next year (im virgin)and I want to ensure that I book the best price possible/quality/reliable service for RV rental.

I'm also virgin to RV's but I'm not afraid to drive them. Driving tips also appreciated. I have rented few cars in the US so I'm used to the local traffic rules.

So i'd like to know best advices when renting a RV in the US (Paperwork, best RV rental company/particular choice, insurance, average rates, average budgets and anything handy before renting one)

I'm aware of all the previous measures I have to perform before heading to the Playa with my RV, but i'm still a bit clueless about the prebooking stuff, etc.

Thanks a lot for your advice!

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