Any electronic emissions from BM in addition to Gerlach?

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Any electronic emissions from BM in addition to Gerlach?

Post by crackle » Sat Aug 27, 2005 3:05 pm

For those of us unlucky enough to miss BM this year, but lucky enough to be online...are there any video/audio feeds (in addition to the Gerlach webcam) coming from the event that we can watch? Or does anyone know of other ways we can be participating from a distance? I can only watch the webcam so long before tears well up in my heart and I begin to navigate expedia...

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Post by TheJudge » Sat Aug 27, 2005 5:25 pm

You could always throw a party or some kind of get-together for those that aren't going this year.

However that usually turns into a "BM sucks" bitchfest.
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Post by gladeye » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:39 am

We couldn't go last year because we had a new baby, but there was a webcam setup by the Burning Man people. It was mounted somewhere outside and above center camp. You could see center camp, some vehicles and people, and the man way off in the distance. It was on almost 24/7 and whoever was taking care of it would occasionaly add color frames, changing text, or graphics. On rare occasion the camera panned around too.

Honestly, it wasn't very exciting for long. The detail wasn't too sharp and you couldn't tell much of what you were seeing. The audio that went with it was fun sometimes though. It alternated between silence, the KSRV radio feed, and my favorite, various walkie-talkie transmissions picked up on the playa. Mostly sounds of people trying to find each other. It was strange sitting at home and hearing,

"Where ARE you guys?!!?

"We're on the esplenade, standing next to the blue neon art car shooting fire balls into the air."

"WHICH blue neon art car shooting fire balls into the air?! We were just there!"

I'd love to know where (and if) the cam will be this year, so I could wave to friends back home at a predetermined time. I remember at least one camp having a webcam set up as well last year, but I don't remember who...
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