Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

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Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by kinetix » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:13 pm

All right, this is my first post on eplaya!

Wanted to discuss Vaping on the playa, Today is one year of being off cigs and on vapes for me, and i intend on bringing my setups to the playa (dont care if they break because they came with, i understand the risk). I have seen many posts about it, but they all seem to discuss law enforcement and their thoughts of them, which is not something i care about.
I want to talk about the Dust and your vapes, and how your vape will react to the dust.
So bear with me here, I have bought dust plugs to seal the charging ports of my vape battery (MVP 2) from the dust, my main concern is airflow and the chimney (where the vapor comes from the heating element to your mouth).
I am afraid that the dust will clog the air passageways, or get so caked into my atomizer (heating element) that it will shut my tank down, to combat this, i intend to clean my tank and airways daily (Nautilus w/steel casing and an Aerotank Mega w/steel casing), i also am going to take a painters/particle mask, cut it into pieces and tape it over the airways in an attempt to create a "filter" for the dust without compromising much of the airflow, i also plan on taking a small amount of cotton and putting it into the mouthpiece to prevent the dust from going into it through that way, i plan on changing that out a couple times a day, i am bringing 2 atomizers per tank per day, just in case, but, i also want to bring a mechanical mod, nothing expensive, just something that i could take really ginormous hits (remember we are talking nicotine juice here!!!) with while on a long gate shift, i have the same idea for the airflow, i intend to change the cotton daily as well, but i do not plan on rebuilding my atomizer while out there, has anyone brought their vapes/mods and such to the playa? If so, what did you do if anything to protect it from the elements, and how did your vape handle it? Do you have a great idea to combat the dust from a vape? Share it below!
Also, let's talk about juice storage!!!
Temperatures can exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which if i am correct, can cause e liquids to go bad, and become unvapeable, now for while i am at camp, i have a cooler that will be constantly refreshed with ice to keep my bottles i will not be using for the day in, but i am unsure about storage for the juice i intend to take with me for my current adventure during the day, i was considering an Insulin carrying bag, but i am unsure how long those will stay cold for, i can not afford the electric ones, any thoughts on keeping small bottles of liquid cool while roaming about the playa with them?
So these are what i want to address with vaping and the playa, if anyone else has input, it's all greatly welcome, Thank you all for the input in advance!
See you in the dust!

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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by Savannah » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:15 pm

It's rare for the heat to get over 90F or 95F . . . although the hottest I've ever felt was 113F, so it's definitely possible.

Preparing to chill your stuff in a dry space is a good idea, and yeah, never keep it in the car or in a tent unless you have a swamp cooler in constant use during the day.

Hopefully, proper vape users will be along to tell you the rest. :)
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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by GreyCoyote » Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:19 am

They make reflectix-lined lunch bags for kids. Grab one, a brick or two of blue ice (or a couple of frozen water bottles) and toss your stuff inside the bag. This is enough to keep insulin alive for a few hours so it should be fine for your vapes.

Question: Is this stuff really that sensitive to heat? Seems odd to me because as far as I know it ships via non-refrigerated common freight. Does it really need all this special care?
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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by DrYes » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:07 am

Vaped a lot on the playa last year. Did nothing special. Everything worked fine.

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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by kinetix » Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:49 am

well the reason why i ask is because i also work in the Gate department, so my vapes will undergo a tad more stress because let's face it, sometimes at Gate, the whole shift is nothing but a white out..........

And also, i have had monster cans explode in my tent, i figure if it can get hot enough for that happen, it can get hot enough to emulcify the juice, if it sits in the sun for an extended period of time, The Vegetable Glycerin content in the juice i consume is a pretty high, which i hear this can happen more easily because of the higher VG content.
Just trying to cover all my bases, and be sure that my vapes are runnning without issues, always good to have backup plans for fighting the elements!

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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by mozburrn » Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:16 am

That's a lot of preparation just to use ecigs on the playa, but then again, ecig enthusiasts do tend to get pretty serious about their hobby.

Having extra atomizers around and keeping it in your pocket should be sufficient.

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Re: Vaping/Mods/Ecigs & The Playa

Post by fireheadwhale » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:46 pm

I vape everyday in my default life. Last year was my first burn. I bought a handful of those disposable "Blu" things at about $100 thinking it would get me through the weak. A very poor idea. They lasted about 3 days, I even gifted one, and then l was able to bum a pack of Tribal smokes from a kind person. This year I'm just going to buy a carton of cigarettes and put the vaping on hold for the week.
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