Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

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Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by samwise-zambeezi100 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:31 am

Hi Burners,

Me and my Fiance first visited in 2014 and was blown away by the whole experience, we immediately wanted to go back and vowed to do so at our next opportunity.

This year, we're returning to celebrate her 30th birthday (surely no finer place for it???). I'm trying to find out if there's anywhere at all where we might be able to screen a special birthday montage i'm putting together for her.

I read about 'The Black Rock Bijou' which was about in 2013 but has stopped since. This little placed looked incredible and would be just too perfect.

I know it might be a long shot but if there's any camps about who have the facility to run a short 20 minute flick from a USB stick, and wouldn't mind hosting us and a few friends (any day, and any time of day really), i know it would make her burn and her birthday, entirely.

Any pointers would be massively appreciated,

Thanks in advance


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Re: Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by Traveller in Time » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:58 am

Welcome to eplaya, great introduction :D

Actually I am a birgin, not even planning this year. :coffee: Congratulations to your Fiary in advance.

As far as I know: Do not expect anything, either the playa provides (next door neighbors play a bicycle powered drive-in-cinema) or bring your own or forget it.

There will be plenty camps able to provide your needs. Go for it.

The video will still exist after the burn/ birthday. (if you have a backup)
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Re: Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by Chowski » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:01 am

This is a great idea and an awesome project to honor your friend.

So far, you've got the USB stick. Now all you need is a generator, gas for the generator, a screen, and a projector. Probably going to want shade, seating, flooring, perhaps some kind of walls to protect from side glare, and maybe some drinks to serve. That's the great thing about Burning Man - anything you can dream of doing, you can do. Just gather your friends and your resources, plan for it, pack it up, bring it, clean up after, pack it all up and take it all home.

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Re: Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by BBadger » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:53 pm

Unless you've actually found and contacted some camp to borrow their resources and time, I would go with what Chowski's suggesting: bring everything you need yourself. The playa does not always provide, or do so on schedule. I would not rely on just finding some camp that has such facilities, or even finding the person you need at a specific time to get you set up.

You can bring a computer, a pico projector ($350?), and then some surface to show the video (carport wall?). You could even just bring a laptop and gather around the screen.

The thing with many of these events is that, as nice as the gesture is, people would rather be doing something else rather than gathering to sit down to watch a video for 20 minutes in a formal setting. Even forcing everyone to be present at a specific time and place is difficult. A laptop with the video, or a small projector projecting, in camp may be a bit more flexible and appropriate for an environment like the playa. You can set it up at any time and bring it with you, including to the middle of the playa. You also won't need to coordinate with other camps and worry whether it'll actually work out or that everyone will be there at that specific time.

If you're hosting in camp, people are already there, maybe for dinner or before they're going out for the night, they can hang out and watch while eating or getting ready. Then everyone doesn't need to assemble at some random camp in the middle of the city, pony in refreshments, get everything set up, hang out until everyone is ready to leave, make it back to camp to get ready, etc.
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Re: Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by badscr » Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:48 pm

To get one 30 minute viewing at night. (as always Test before hand)

Projector: Do not use DLP, one piece of dust gets to the dlp chip its shot !
Use a LCD based projector more playa proof.
$130 LCD projector & LED bulb + mainly the est Ship receive date <-- it says it supports USB video playing

Projector Screen: Just a White Bed sheet stapled (on site stapling) tight to wood (Wood and PVC hyberd)

Maybe a raspberry-pi ($128) OR cheap DVD player with hdmi.
this looks neat, plays USB and SD cards $30 (lot cheaper then raspberry) <-- my pick over the pi its cheaper and it does what is needed.
Raspberry pi 3 with heat sinks $42
Case for the pi - Just use the box it came in $free
raspberry pi Power Supply 5Volt 2.4 Amp (15Watts?) $8
16GB SD card with OS installed $15 - easy to do yourself on a laptop
mini Keyboard with intergrated Touch pad mouse $50 - or use any usb keyboard & mouse
usb speakers $10
may need this: 3.5mm stereo to RCA $3

Deep cycle battery: 100Ah (amp hour) will give at most 400 Watts for 1 hour
Math: (100Ah * 50%) * 10Volt * 80%InverterEffecancy = 400 Watt Hours

DC/AC inverter

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Re: Anywhere to play a special 30th birthday USB vid??

Post by some seeing eye » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:04 pm

I would reach out to all your FB friends and camps in your town. Then privately discuss with them if you are trying to make it a surprise. If the camps are local, join up with their prep. A birthday party might be a thing a camp with people you already know in it could go for.

As Mr Badger suggests - backup plan. Some projectors will play a video file off USB, or you could use a tablet. You could bring a precharged deep cycle battery and an inverter, usable for emergency year around. Or backup to the backup plan simply present her the tablet wrapped up as a gift to open and have people gather around as she watches it on the tablet. Plan on anything electronic to be destroyed or suffer a premature death.

Echoing some other comments, BRC is a wilderness campout. Even things close friends and close camps plan to being cannot be counted upon. On the other hand, it's common to find something fantastic unexpectedly.

Someone should start a birthday camp...
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