Voltage drop when connecting LED mesh in series?

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Voltage drop when connecting LED mesh in series?

Post by didjeridude » Thu May 10, 2018 4:19 am

We're looking to cover our dome in LED mesh (well most of it, maybe not the entire thing). There is RGB LED mesh which is 2m x 3m in dimension, online for about $20. These LED meshes can be connected in series.

Has anyone worked with this sort of LED mesh before and connected lots of them in series? Is there significant voltage drop after joining 2 or 3 together? It's a big dome so we probably need to connect 5 meshes in series in multiple different locations so we can reduce the total number of power sockets required. Does that sound feasible?
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Re: Voltage drop when connecting LED mesh in series?

Post by Token » Thu May 10, 2018 6:41 am

Without detailed specifications it’s hard to say.

Most of these types of devices that are designed with daisy-chain ability will list the limits of how many can be strung together to meet UL approval.

I’d wager that they are just a shared-bus design, where mains power is passed through internally to the daisy-chain port so only loss of voltage is length and gauge of wire, not the LED load.

To say it another way: daisy-chaining connects them in parallel and uses the internal shared-bus as an extension chord.

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