Goggles for Glasses?

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Goggles for Glasses?

Postby BeckyBoodles » 5 years ago

First time going to Burning Man this year, and I wear glasses (no contacts!). Does anyone know where I can buy goggles that are big enough to cover glasses as well?

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Postby dragonpilot » 5 years ago

Google "Goggles Over Glasses", hon...you'll get about 668,000 hits.
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Postby gyre » 5 years ago

Safety equipment.
Paintball stuff seems to work too.
Many depend on your glasses.

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Postby Dork » 5 years ago

Do a google image search for "vintage chinese goggles" and look for the ones with the D-shaped lenses. They fit over glasses and work very well in the desert. They've been showing up all over Ebay and various online sites for the past few years for $10-20. Leave off the "chinese" part when searching Ebay as they are often labeled as coming from other countries for some reason.

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Postby Token » 5 years ago

And leave the good glasses at home and bring out that old spare pair you never use.

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Postby BBadger » 5 years ago

Google it, but just remember to get goggles that are actually sealed, with foam, not something like chemistry goggles, which have vents.

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Postby Bexx » 5 years ago



has a fuck ton of over glasses goggles!!!

last year I used these..

and if you do a search on amazon, I think you can find them even cheaper. *I* loved them!!! they were everything I wanted in goggles and fit perfectly over my glasses. I plan on using them this year too!!!

hope that helps!
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Postby Drawingablank » 5 years ago

I picked up a couple different styles of over glasses goggles at http://www.maximumeyewear.com

They are not the most stylish things, but most goggles large enough to fit over glasses aren't. I don't know how their prices compare, but the service was fast.
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Postby mudpuppy000 » 5 years ago

Snowboard goggles work well. Another thing to think about... If it's a whiteout, you can't see anyway, so you don't really /need/ to have glasses on under your goggles. You can swap them out if you find something you really like but the glasses won't fit under.

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Postby BeckyBoodles » 5 years ago

Thank you, everyone, for all of your help! (:

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