What to wear? What not to wear? Come here to find and how to make anything you'd wear on your body - from goggles and playawear to bodypainting and adornments.
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Re: Undies

Post by AntiM » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:50 am

Wigwam wrote:People wear something under their tutus?!?!?!
Yes, their socks and boots.

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Re: Undies

Post by kevinwells » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:04 pm

I always prefer "au natural" but its not always convenient or even welcome to others at BM

BUTT... over the last few years, I have had nothing but praise for traipsing around in cute undies (from the boys and the girls) . It is a perfect solution for warm weather, and if cold, you can throw pants on over the top of them.

I usually buy them from online sources that cater to a somewhat gay crowd. Myself I tend to go for fun looks and bright colors, as opposed to letting my bootie hang out.

A whole weeks outfit basically fits in one small bag. How cool is that!
For the top half , I keep it simple, Solid color t-shirts . occasional tank tops.

Personal tip, for shorts (not a paid endorsement...) My all time favorite shorts is the "
"RevolverFashion" fractal booty shorts that I bought on Etsy. They are so comfortable and they look great.

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