"MaxCold" coolers - 5 days of ice?

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Re: "MaxCold" coolers - 5 days of ice?

Post by Canoe » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:08 pm

Well, keeps ice for how many days:
- in what temperatures?
- sitting in the sun?
- opened how many times?
- what's the temperature of the items you're adding to the cooler?

Cooler performance seems to depend on:
  • how much insulation (as in, thickness & quality)
  • some don't insulate the lid
    - hack is to drill holes and inject spray foam
    - DAP has a white latex rattle can (water cleanup) that's a lot easier to use than the yellow polyurethane based foams
  • how good is the seal on the lid, and is it held closed adequately
Coolers on the playa:
  • raised up from the ground, so it's further away from the dust, which includes bacteria and migratory water-foul droppings, among other things...
    - required for food service camps
    - don't leave it sitting open, both for heat and the above
  • isolated from the ground (raised, insulation) also takes it away from sun-baked ground
    - some sit their cooler on a thick piece of rigid foam insulation
    - if raised, that further insulates the bottom of the cooler
  • keep it in the shade - don't let the sun bake it
  • they get baked sitting in tents or in a car, but you may not have a shaded area to stash it
  • something sitting on the lid to hold it tightly closed
  • cheap coolers may be improved by adding a thin strip of weather stripping to seal better
  • old-school on the playa was to throw a heavy blanket, comforter, sleeping bag, etc., over a cooler to further insulate it from the hot playa air (works - I did this in Africa to prevent film from baking)
  • more common now seems to be to wrap it in Reflectix or a space/emergency-blanket, to shield it from radiated heat
    - some spray the outside with a spray paint that has aluminum pigment for some radiant barrier benefit; not as good as a "proper" shiny-coated radiant barrier
  • all of: isolated from ground, extra insulation, radiant barrier & good seal - for the win!
  • some people build an insulated box to keep their cooler in
  • keep the ice in zip-lock bags
    - melting ice doesn't get your food wet
    - nor gets contaminated by the playa-dust/soil, and holds it in place in the cooler
    - the melted water is then potable, for drinks, cooking or use in a swamp-cooler
  • keep food in zip-lock bags
    - protected from the playa dust that will blow in when you open the lid, or falls off of you
    - you don't want that dust's bacteria sitting growing in your food
Google eplaya for more coolers on playa suggestions.

I shipped a cooler home once. From UPS at Keystone. Very expensive.
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Re: "MaxCold" coolers - 5 days of ice?

Post by Token » Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:38 am

If you have a specific need to keep something frozen for 5 days, and don’t open the cooler daily, yes, it works.

If it’s your daily use cooler that gets opened allot, then it’s just like any other cooler.

Getting a block of ice every other day isn’t that big a deal.

I’d skip the hassle of shipping it. It will get banged up by the luggage throwers.

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