cooling your tent or van

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Re: cooling your tent or van

Post by Drake12321 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:45 am

Cool fixture.

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Re: cooling your tent or van

Post by Canoe » Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:37 am

Someone wanted this, so I figured I'd make it available to all.

Maximum single-stage evaporative cooling output temperature drop potential using a Dura-Cool pad (which is 95% efficient).
(Note: Aspen media is only 85% efficient. Approximately 12% less temperature drop than shown on these graphs).
  • Look up the ambient air temperature (dry bulb) on the left axis.
  • Follow the closest line to where it meets the Relative Humidity across the bottom.
  • Find that point back on the left axis, which is the coolest possible chilled air output (for single stage evaporative cooling with a Dura-Cool pad).
  • One can see how the low humidity days on the playa are prime for some evaporative cooling. Many days hit the low teens. Some days even go to single digit Relative Humidity. (I think the lowest I've seen is 7% RH.)
  • The calculation of wet bulb from dry bulb temperature & relative humidity is done in SI units, so the data used for the graph is in Celsius. That data is converted to Fahrenheit for the imperial/F graph, so that graph doesn't have nice round values for the ambient temperature start of the lines. You'll have to estimate your distance between lines to get the most accurate value.
Max Single-Stage Evaporative Cooling Temp with Dura-Cool Pads - Celsius.png
Max Single-Stage Evaporative Cooling Temp with Dura-Cool Pads - F.png
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Re: cooling your tent or van

Post by skyy » Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:44 pm

I'll throw my two cents on this thread too since sharing is caring.

Hello Everyone!

I'm not sure if this is still relevant to your thread but I opted not to build a monkey hut but rather create a lightweight PVC structure that can attach directly to the Kodiak tension rods.

The picture below was from pre-burn 2019. I learned a few lessons during the burn which included drilling some holes through the major intersection points for a bolt and nut to secure everything in place (the PVC tended to pull out of the joints since there was no adhesive). Additionally I extended the top bars (the ones perpendicular to the main metal rod on top of the tent) in order to account for the curvature of the roof when the kodiak is erected.

I threw the aluminet over top of the whole thing once erected (or you can put it in place before erecting the tent for an easier time)

The added distance between the kodiak the aluminet gave an additional insulation layer of air which kept the tent considerably cooler compared to laying aluminet directly over the tent.

This set up allowed me to break the PVC down into small enough pieces such that it fit in the "bar bag" that came with the kodiak and didn't require extra bags to carry in and out.

Unfortunately I didn't get an picture of it completely set up but I think you get the idea :)
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