Alaskan here, Unsure of how to cope with weather!

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Re: Alaskan here, Unsure of how to cope with weather!

Post by darkfred62 » Thu May 29, 2014 6:49 pm

I work in alaska and try to go to burning man ( been two times in past three years).
Well you know in alaska to do layers right? Same on playa just less loose layers for dehydration and heat stroke protection The weather on playa is warm and dry. I have not seen over 95f . I actually wear carhart bib coveralls on playa.
Key things-
1. Shade for your tent Think Bedouin tent which is a tent within a tent within in a tent with air circulating between the tent layers.
2. Tent entrance facing towards the man . wind is prevalently from the southwest. don't want the dust blowing right into your tent.
3. go to bed late 0400 wake up around noon and then hydrate and nap some more.
4. If you go out during the day wear a big hat (shade structure for you ) and hydrate.
5. Bring your dust gear with you (goggles,mask, desert scarf,)

Heed what everyone else is saying here.
I think there is a anchorage group that comes down (Spenard Bar) You with them?

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Re: Alaskan here, Unsure of how to cope with weather!

Post by bluemiragemi » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:02 am

YAY Elliott and another bike borrower! I'm borrowing one of his amazing bikes, too, coming in from Michigan. I feel you on the "not prepared for hot weather" thing. I love the idea of a battery powered fan, mister, and absolutely SHADE structures. Shade and tenting it and keeping them DOWN to the playa seem to be the highest priorities. Bring electrolyte things, like coconut water and a powder to add to water, etc. I'm planning to buy some desert gear like a funky hat with a hood down the back :)
~ Em

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