Box truck versus a ShiftPod+Monkey Hut

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Box truck versus a ShiftPod+Monkey Hut

Post by Ever » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:32 am

In short: would either of these be significantly cooler and/or less dusty?

* a box truck with an AC
* a Shiftpod with an AC under traditional monkey hut

In long: we've enjoyed our yurt the last few years but decided the fate of enjoying future burns involves simplifying things a bit. The 2015 storms hit us particularly hard, and we're looking to limit similar situations in the future. We're drawn to the ease of setup of the ShiftPod but realize we'll likely still need a shade structure. This led us to monkey huts which I'd be fine to construct normally, however my "SIMPLIFY!" radar is going off.

We can work through most of the pros and cons between these two, however the one we aren't sure about is whether or not one of the options would be significantly cooler.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Box truck versus a ShiftPod+Monkey Hut

Post by MacGlenver » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:48 am

My sense is that Shift pod + monkey hut will be much cooler. Better airflow and you'll have shade over your actual sleeping quarters rather than directly hitting the box truck. Monkey hut can double as a hangout spot if it's big enough. Dustiness is probably fairly equal. I'd put a carpet in the floor of the shift pod, which helps keep the dust down in my Kodiak. With an AC unit, I expect your pod will be chilly. Also, monkey huts are easy. Just don't use the standard design with all the connectors. Just get 1" Schedule 40 PVC with bell connector ends built in (two per rib, or 2.5 if you want to make it a bit bigger - 30 foot ribs get a bit wobbly), and lay your ridge pole over the top of the arches and duct tape cross-wise to join them. Hell of a lot easier than all the connectors. Guy out the first and last ribs.
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