Hexayurt A/C solar setup

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Hexayurt A/C solar setup

Post by Kleidman » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:46 am

Hi all
I'm looking to power this a/c https://www.frigidaire.com/Home-Comfort ... FRA0511R1/ for a couple of hours a day.

with the following electrical Specifications
Amps (Cool): 4
Watts (Cool): 450
Voltage Rating: 115V 60Hz

What's the bare minimum battery/inverter/panels set up do i need on the playa?
I understand it may need more power when it starts. sorry new to all this.... :?

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Re: Hexayurt A/C solar setup

Post by Token » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:25 am

They didn’t publish the locked rotor current for the compressor so we gotta guess a bit.

If 4A max in steady state cooling we will guess that it is 8A surge for startup.

8A x 120V = 960W

So a 1KW inverter should handle it just fine.

For 480W steady state cooling draw, your 12V battery will be dumping out 80A to the inverter. Probably need at least two big batteries.

Two 100Ah deep cycle batteries in parallel would be enough to provide 2 hours of operation while reaching no lower than 50% discharge. The 50% is important and immutable.

Now the trick is how many and how big the solar panels.

You need to fill ~ 1KW of power back into the batteries and you have a good 6-8 hours of sun to do it.

This part gets tricky because the sun moves across the sky, panels get dusty and hot, someone puts a sarong on the panel to dry ...

200W of solar panel would just barely eek by and you would need to tend to it.

300W would be more care-free.

400W would be fantastic as it would allow you to run longer if needed and have a safety margin.

And finally, these are all best guess and you should allow for inefficiencies, unexpected losses, errors. When in doubt, go one bigger. For example going from 100Ah batteries to 120Ah batteries - good. 100 to 80Ah - not good but could work.

Good luck.

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Re: Hexayurt A/C solar setup

Post by Canoe » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:45 am

Great explanation.

The hardware required sure illustrates the cost benefit of using a DIY swamp-cooler, where most can cool their hexayurt through the week on a fully charged 120 aH battery, and potable water.
And it's quieter than an A/C, and provides cooled dust-free fresh air with some moisture.
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