Stages Seeking Artists!

Building art? Planning to perform? Building a stage or performance space? Talk about it here.
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Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by trilobyte » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:22 pm

Stage Builders - Tell us about your camp/project. What are you planning to build and bring to the playa? What kind of sound, lighting, or stage? Are there specific days or times you're looking to book performances for? Tell us all about it.

Artists & Performers - Browse this list and check out what's offered. If you see something that looks like a good fit for what you'd like to do, send the poster a PM to express interest and sort out the details.

Good luck!

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Jay Johnstone
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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by Jay Johnstone » Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:43 pm

Sooo we have an art car... AAAANNNNNDDDDD It's going to have a STAGE on it... 2 Places for performers (poi/gogo's whatever....) And a DJ Booth.... We are Galactic Jedi roaming the Deep Playa looking to aid people/energy in their understanding of the consciousness of 2012.... this art car is going to be running during ALL OF BURNING MAN!!! So please get back to me with the style of music you play, the best 3 times you can play (So we can make set lists for all the days.) and possibly some links to your music!!

Stay Dusty Ya'll,

- Jay

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by veleda » Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:05 pm

Hey all;

Sacred Spaces Village (normally on the Esplanade between 3:30-5:00) does Two Music Venues: One Exterior and one Interior.

We book a variety of big names but also prefer to mix in rising stars with talent and give international performers that otherwise can't get access to large esplanade venues an opportunity to do so. We're into radical inclusivity but you gotta be good and be down with our vibe..which is about letting everyone in on the great secret that we are all God and its up to us to make the universe a place we all want to live in. We prefer music that inspires, uplifts, explores the psyche, connects, and gives people space for exploration of themselves and their relationship to the world.

:: Exterior Dance ::
Our outdoor space is for DJs who do spiritually-oriented (and we mean this!) electronic music. We prefer DJs that consider themselves Sound Shamans and do more cinematic, uplifting, and global style music.

We are also looking for performers of all stripes for evening slots. We have a decent sized stage for fire, ritual, bellydancing, you name it..

:: Chill ::
We have a large visionary art and altar Temple Space. During the Day we do a combination of yoga , workshops, and acoustic music. We often feature a lot of acoustic singer-songwriters and world music in the early afternoons. In the evening we move slowly from more upbeat but still chill music styles such as trip hop, luvstep, minimalist, soft breakbeat, gentle psytrance, etc. into deep ambient..

We also do Movie Showings and Ritual Theater Events in the main space and are looking for good stuff.

If you're interested, please shoot me an email with a bit about what inspires you to play music for US, where you're from, some links to sounds, who else you're playing for/are camped with if not with us, and your email and I'll hook you up with our stage manager..

We have a fantastic stage team of heart-filled inspired no-ego sound and stage management peeps.. we prefer to work with people of a similar vibe.. Our motto is don't spend so much time trying to look cool you forget to be cool.. aka being on the Esplanade or being a big name DJ doesn't give you a right to be an ELITIST ASS. :D I only say this cause..well.. ya.

Our stage manager's info is here:
"Since 1994, Sarva Dharma Productions has been a leader in serving the Southern California spiritual/holistic communities with the best in World Sacred musical events, workshops, seminars, lectures and festivals. Sarva Dharma Productions has showcased to Southern California audiences much of the music that has grown out the west coast festival circuit with it's roots in folk, rock, jazz, reggae and sacred cultures from around the world and has produced events over the last 15 years at various venues around the United States."

Luv n' Rockets,

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Interior Stage
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Outside Stage
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Luv n' Rocket;
Sacred Spaces Village

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by alt12 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:04 pm

Looking for 1-3 conga players for our Sangria Soundclash party. Basically it is a daytime dance party on Thursday afternoon where we also serve-up about 50-60 gallons of sangria. We've been throwing this party for the last 8 years and there is always a huge turnout and it a lot of fun. The music is exclusively latin, usually a combination of salsa, afro-cuban, cumbia, merengue and the occasional reggaeton. Even if you don't have drums up there I'll have 2 beautiful fiberglass LPs warmed-up for you (I'm DJing and unfortunately haven't figured out yet how to DJ and play drums simlutaneously). Ideally 2 serious congueros with 2-3 drums each jamming out while we blast Fania and all sorts of other goodies.... Let me know if interested.

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by Bonnie » Wed May 09, 2012 2:15 pm

A CAPPLAYA, burning man’s organic soundtrack for eight years running, is searching the dusty crevices of this year’s cast of performers for a slightly freaky, mostly sober soprano, alto, and baritone. A capplaya is a small, tight a cappella jazz group that performs throughout the burning man event from center stage to the latter-alphabetted dusty hideouts you love to discover. Charts are distributed and memorized prior to burning man, usually five or six tunes total. Small vocal ensemble singing experience is required. If you're interested in being a part of this live art experience or want to know more, contact bonnie at proteadev dot com. If you sing a part other than the ones listed above but this is right up your alley, shoot me a line anyway. If this year fills, we’ll be back on the playa with a new group next year!

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by RoyP » Thu May 31, 2012 5:14 pm

Would like to create a venue for acoustic jazz jams at my camp (one of two I'm working with.) I play vibes and will have access to a performance dome. Looking for jazz players... roypertchik at gmail dot com

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by jqthequick » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:12 am

Camp Tough Love is looking for performers to fill up our event schedule for this years burn. We have a 50' diameter dome with a bar, stage, sound and lighting available. Also a 32' dome for lounge area. Please reply with a description, and preferred time that you would like to perform.

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KiKi Maroon
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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by KiKi Maroon » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:35 pm

Hey guys!
We are not a 'stage' but are seeking artist and performers for a project. A kind of 'audio performance time capsule' for Burning Man 2012. :-) Here's the explanation-

Singularity Transmissions is a Texas artist collective and an honorarium project for this years Burning Man! It is a 40' sculptural interactive tower designed to simultaneously converge the voices of up to 15 individuals into one unified transmission through the use of tin-can phones. The phones are in 10' pods surrounding the main tower, in which people can sing, talk, laugh, pray, scream, or even plug in an instrument, lap top, or ipod. All 15 channels come together inside the main tower, in real time, creating a moment of PLAYA SINGULARITY (a much needed thing for this years Burn).
All the collected audio will be available online in an open source data base. Used as-is or remixed as desired; our hope is for artist, musicians, film makers, and performers to create new work with this material.
We would like to reach out to singers, poets, musicians, djs, spoken word artist, yodelers, vocal meditators, actors, messages to the future, Anyone/groups who would like to create a transmission for this 2012 Burning Man audio time capsule
For more information, videos, or to donate to our Kickstarter please visit-

Thank you!!!

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by oscillator » Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:56 am

*** Illumination Village 2012: Call for Aerialists & Fire Performers ***

Illumination Village, one of the oldest and most-flammable villages in Black Rock City, will host nightly performances at our Fire Stage on the Esplanade for 2012.

We extend an invitation to all Aerialists and Fire Performers/Conclaves to come perform.

Here is a Fire Stage FAQ: ... edit?pli=1

For more info, or to schedule a performance, contact: esplanade [at] illuminationvillage [dot] net

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by Simon of the Playa » Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:30 pm

Frida Be You & Me

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by MegsLegs » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:56 pm

Hello from the Lost Penguin!

We're a little cafe in our eleventh year on playa. Home to the finest wine ever put in a box, delicious chocolate and afternoon snowcones, we are a hospitality camp with comfy couches (get em before we convert it all to playa-tech) and a small stage (nothing fancy, off the ground, cafe lighting) with a backline (drum kit, bass, piano, bass amp, pa). We need more live music! We are theme-ing each night of the week- and are looking for Bands, and artists who would enjoy playing over at our little neighbourhood local:

We are specifically looking to find the following
Tuesday: Dress Desert Elegant Chocolate Martini Night :::Seeking jazz/lounge groups or soloists to come play a set:::
Friday: Cabaret acts! We are looking for any short act that doesn't require too much space or a rig (or wants to work on a plan with me if it does) for our annual circus-clown-burlesque night Lunacy Cabaret

We are hoping you come out to
Monday: Jam-a-oke night, Books of chord charts, singalong, plug-in-playalong silliness- All are welcome to bring your instrument
Saturday: Burn Day Blues Jam, 4-6pm bring guitars, plug in, jam the blues at that time of day when the heat breaks on the day that the man burns

And of course, Open Stage: All Day, Every Day- for whatever you do- sign up at the bar for specific slots or storm the stage whenever its empty (or talk to the bar and not make them worry, whatever).

message me here if you would like more information (or to book time!).


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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by adamexcess » Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:30 pm

We're seeking to create Burning Man's first and only NOMADIC GAY BAR!!! COME HELP US MAKE A CELEBRATORY QUEER SPACE ON THE PLAYA

We want to create "RAINBOW's END" a mobile celebratory queer space on the playa! We're constructing a bar, dancefloor, go go stages, and dj Booth [b]all of which are collapsible and carted around by bike. [/b]

We need you to let us know if you want to get invlolved/volunteer as a drag/burlesque performer, dj, go go dancer, etc. We want this to be a community space, participate however you want.Email me at to take part.

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by jojofroyo » Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:26 pm

Champagne Lounge is still looking for bands that would like to come play during our happy hours.

We have a stage, kickin PA system. drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, mics... etc... everything you need to rock except the people to play them!

We are mostly a day time camp. so we are looking for fill spots during our happy hour, which last from 12-4ish.

We are looking to find people who want to play during this times.
For Mon-wed: 12-4 or after
Thurs and Saturday: 12-2 or after 4pm
Friday: after 4pm

Our Camp is going to be located at 5:45 on Rod's Road so right on the backside of Center Camp.

Shoot us an email:

Lets make it happen!


Champagne Lounge!

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by TEHSOUND » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:25 pm

AUSTRALIAN BASS PARTY will be held Wednesday night on the Tsunami Bass Sound System!!! Looking for Bass DJs / Musicians to rock our Bass Heavy System and Represent Downunder "Up Over?"...... Looking for Bass Music only, so think DnB, Breaks, Glitch Hop Opiouo Dubstep etc...... PM me or email me at Thanks TEH :D
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Dan Snakehead
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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by Dan Snakehead » Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:00 am

I'd be into that! What slots are left?
Dan Snakehead = Dance Naked the most clever name in Djing 13 years exp. available for 1 or 2 more stage performances, Representing DJ's in a Box, Victoria BC Canada. I play EVERYTHING and LOVE being challenged with genres and improvised fusion.

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by CornMan » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:54 am

Would like DJs to play on Orphan Endorphin Radio Station at 105.9 on the playa. Dubstep, house, trance, techno, polka, whatever. We are looking for people who would like to bring their laptop or whatever equipment and play short sets. We also welcome anybody who would like to perform live either a cappella, with guitar, sitar, recorder, whatever. And, looking for those who would like a try at being an on air personality. Send me a message, and I'll set you up.

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Golden Cafe Seeks Musicians

Post by Lucifer » Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:33 am

Celebrating its 10th anniversary on playa this year, the Golden Cafe returns as your home for live improvised music! Full bands and individual musicians from around the world have congregated on our stage for the past decade, to jam with each other, and remind the world that horns and drums and guitars and fiddles can still set the days and nights ablaze.

If you would like to perform, join our Google Group: ... -musicians



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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by rodent » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:00 pm

The Dark Carnival Community Cafe is seeking performers. We will have a small stage and small PA. Looking for things in the Gothic/industrial AND Circus vein. Open times for DJ's as well (laptop, no CDJ's sadly... unless you wanna bring em). Not enough ceiling space for arial artists though (no trapeze, tightrope walkers or silks sadly). We're up for poetry reading, acoustic performances, demo's pretty much all day. Think cafe "open mic" environment
rodent (putting the eek in geek)

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Re: Stages Seeking Artists!

Post by trilobyte » Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:31 pm

Stage managers, artists - go check out Spark - the new Burning Man collaboration site. Check out the Burning Blog post about it, or go here to check out the site, sign up, and fill those lineups with awesome artists and performances!


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