Emergent Human Art

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Emergent Human Art

Postby emergentburner » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:40 pm

There's been quite a bit of discussion about what has happen with tickets, and how that might effect our beloved large scale installations that are so important to what burning man has been. The constant presences of those enormous buildings, sculptures, and sound camps make tremendous contrubutions to the magic and wonder of burning man, where you are constantly surrounded by the manifestations of people's wildest ideas. This year has introduced new constraints on certain feats on playa engineering, and although the vast majority of camps and artists will find a way to work with them, I think we need to get really creative with what we've got: the most concentrated amount of willing participants on the planet. There is so much awesome we can do with 2-1000s of humans working together spontaniously to create something beautiful. With a record number of virgins projected this year, we need to focus on art and music that is more distributed, collaborative, interactive, participatory, and self reliant. Even if most of the installations and camps are fine (which they probably will be), I think we should focus more on emergent human art because it can be as amazing as the big installations, but can be set up in such a way that it can happen with most people at most times and places. I'd like this post to start up a discussion on what we have to work with and what we can do with what we've got.

What we've got:
A ton of high energy people
cell phones?
musical instruments
art that can be carried
tons of human wearables
the internet now
What we can do with them:
1000 radio dance party (take that nexus)
marching band and/or clap along and/or chant along and/or sing along and/or play violin/flute along
camp battles
moving dance flock (copy your nieghbors dance move when they get with a foot or two of you and a large group will move together in waves of dance moves (this is pretty much how birds and fish move together))
singing/chant flock (sing according to your nieghbor, go a step up or down on a scale)
human sculptures
gorrila warfare style gift/dance/art mobs that engulf a camp for a few minutes and leave the place a little awesomer than it was before
any variation of the successful flash mob stuff that's been done in the default world

The purpose of this is spark ideas, so please focus on contributing new/better ideas rather than pointing out issues or lack of novelty with other people's ideas (bad/old ideas can lead to good/new ideas), but if you must you must. In addition to generating ideas of what to do with all these people, we also need to come up with effective ways of encouraging this level of interaction--maybe an offical baner in the camp that organizes the biggest group of people? maybe a emergentburner phone app, paper schedule, paper guide, website,and/or radio station? --maybe announce such a happening with a firework and a trumpet and most people have read the emergent burners single page guide to flash mobs? I don't know, but maybe you do. Let figure this shit out and make this year as awesome as it can be.

Also see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergence

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Re: Emergent Human Art

Postby knowmad » Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:34 pm

awesome I deas!
our little band of folks do somthing like this
We have these small megaphones that have 4-chanel samplers. we grab music from passing art cars and mash them up in intersections and drive folks wild!

oh but the Fireworks are a NO.

I'll keep posted and spread the Legs Word!
Oh yeah, this year I was totally twerping out at the fence. ~Lonesombri

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Re: Emergent Human Art

Postby Peper » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:23 am

More interactive movable art for sure. Like the list of ideas :)

We have a silly instrument marching band. Well bring a long a lot of silly instruments in a silly bucket and give them out to silly people who want to join the silly band (Kahn Kahn And The Happies, look for us on the playa!) 8)

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