Art Projects Seeking Participants

Building art? Planning to perform? Building a stage or performance space? Talk about it here.
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Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by trilobyte » Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:26 pm

Artists, we know many of you need people to help realize your vision. Tell us about the kind of help and skill set you're looking for. Please don't ask for financial assistance or tickets here, this thread is all about connecting humans.

Here's how it will work. This is a working thread - only post in here if you're the principal artist or designated representative of your project. If multiple people are posting, it's going to get confusing and your project may not be able to get the help it needs. Off-topic posts may be removed by one of the moderators. If you need Use the following format:
  • Artist/Project Name (and link to web site).
  • What city you're based in.
  • Description of your 2012 plans - big picture stuff for now, you can get into the details with people individually.
  • What you need. Be specific. Welders, carpenters, painters, truck drivers, lighting/sound people, etc.
If you need to make a change to your post (something else is needed, positions get filled, etc), please contact one of the moderators with your request (to save time, include a link to your original post).

For everybody else.... Burning Man is all about participation, and you want to help - that's awesome! If you see a project that's within your range that's looking for a skill you've got and you'd like to help... do not reply to this thread. Click the 'PM' button to the right of their listing, and send them a private message. Tell them who you are, where you are, and what you can help with.

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by chiefdanfox » Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:11 pm

Artist: Dan Fox---email:[email protected]
Project: ANUBIS
City: Oakland, CA
Description: 50' high wooden combustible structure in the form of a sitting jackal, on a platform 16' x 24'.
Fire Perimeter crew, burn guardians and LNT crew needed. Carpenters and build crew, all levels accepted we train and take training. On playa assembly crew. Fundraisers and event coordinators. See our volunteer sign up sheet. ... E6MQ#gid=0

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by garylachance » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:13 pm

The Decentralized Dance Party ( is headed to Burning Man for the first time in 2012.
The plan is to throw a massive, Playa-wide DDP. It's likely to be a very good time.

What is a Decentralized Dance Party (DDP)?

We are seeking co-conspirators to help us assemble the largest fleet of boomboxes the world has ever encountered; then create the greatest Party experience possible for as many people as possible.

Full-scale preparations will begin in April, but for now, if you're interested please email "decentralized dance party <<AT>> gmale" with "DDP BURNING MAN" as the subject text and you will be contacted once things are rolling. No technical knowledge is required, just a lust for life and Partying.

Our objectives are best outlined in our Party Manifesto: ... -manifesto

And the latest Party Safari Press Release:


Unseasonably Warm Regards,

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Firebulb Seeks Participants for "Apocalypta Quetza

Post by firebulb » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:05 am

We are Firebulb - Building Apocalypta Quetzalita, a 46' tall great-granddaughter of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl
Portland & Seattle

This 46' tall steel sculpture of the young serpent will shed the copper and copper fabric skin of her great grandfather Quetzalcoatl in a ceremony in mid-week and sprout wings from her back. At night she is lit by spectacular animated lighting and blows flames from her tongue and fangs. Her 55' long tail made from recycled bicycles is fully sculptable by participants who can move it into different s curves and draw patterns on the playa.

We are also seeking *skilled* welders, a shop space in Portland and flame effects experts.

Please contact Capra at 503-407-4714 for Portland, Peggy at 206-240-5350 for Seattle

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by KodiakM » Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:41 pm

TOP - The Temple Offerings Project!/TempleOfferingsProject

Founded on the principle of Radical Inclusion as a way to bring burners home no matter where they are.

Our Mission: Everyone who wants to go home this year or any year can send a piece of themselves home. To be respectfully placed within the Temple.

We're based out of Seattle, but this project is decentralized and designed to be done everywhere.
Details of the ever evolving project will be posted on our Facebook page listed above.

* Who/Where to "physically" mail your offerings too
* Where to email your offerings if you're going the Email route.
* Guidelines and project examples.

Radically Include yourself! Participate in the Burn from wherever you are!

Those without tickets:

For those of us who have tried, but aren’t likely to be physically on the Playa this year, I ask that those who wish to, make a temple, the temple of your heart. This is your temple, your sacred space, a reflection of that which is sacred in yourself. It should be small and made out of eco-friendly flammable materials because the night that the temple burns, our temples will burn as well. We’re going to make 2 of these temples each. One that stays with us that we ignite the night of the temple burn, and one that we send to the playa with a fellow burner or Temple Guardian.

Those with Tickets:

I’m looking for those among you who would volunteer to be recipients and carry these little temples to the Mother Temple on the Playa so that we can burn with you.
These little temples might be drawings, they might be letters, they might be note-books,
What they are made of and what form they take is as varied as the individuals that make them, but what they are is a piece of us.

Please help us make it home this year.


The old ways should be preserved, for some day our children may wish to know where we came from.

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by ziggyy » Tue Mar 27, 2012 5:48 pm

BLUE MAN- looking for performance artist to participate with famous "blue suit" said to be best costume at black rock ever
must be committed must be about 5ft 10 "check out suit on you tube
type in --tony zorich ----i need some help
tony [email protected]
paint a mural camp

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by vachot » Wed Mar 28, 2012 11:08 am

Artist: Vachot
Project Name: KognitoKlast
City: Kalamazoo
Description of 2012 plans: We are bringing a mind-cleanser, a brain-washer, or maybe you'd call it a cognitive-conditioner, to the desert this year. It analyzes brain activity with pyrotechnical flame cannons and music. We have the basic design completed and some basic construction has begun. We are looking for an individual who can help with (1) final artistic design considerations, (2)transportation of KognitoKlast from Kalamazoo to BRC a day early for set up, (3) operating KognitoKlast during the week, and can (4) stay until the end to help clean up and transport back to Kalamazoo.
One ticket is available for purchase at face value for a crew member. We are early-crew guests of an established camp, so we must also pay camp dues.
Struggle and Change

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by dadara » Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:56 am

Artist : Dadara
Project Name : Transformoney Tree
Website link: ... -man-2012/
What city you're based in: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Our plans for 2012: we want to build a tree. From the branches of the tree Exchanghibition Banknotes will be hanging, not real banknotes as we know them, but alternatives to our current form of money - small pieces of art (Some people here might have experienced the Exchanghibition Bank last year on the Playa - here are some pics: ... -the-dust/). The tree itself will be covered during the week with thousands of one-dollar banknotes which will be glued onto it in an interactive process.
What do we need: You! just kiddin', but since we come from abroad we will need a lot of stuff, because we don't have our local infrastructure. We are looking for a workspace with tools (all will be wood, so basic woodworking stuff). We are also looking for people with carpentry skills. A truck to use/rent to get all to the Playa. And for during the week itself it wouldn't hurt to have a lot of people who'd like to assist in the whole process of gluing banknotes onto the tree trunk. I know that this thread does not deal with financial assistance, and because of a Burning Man grant and some other backing in the Netherlands we won't need money, but will need lots of one-dollar banknotes as artistic material. We would love to have some Americans who could help with organizing this. The keyword here is physical - it's not about fundraising, indiegogo/kickstarter sites etc. , it's about getting people involved, maybe even making them draw on their banknotes. Ideas and input appreciated - we would love this tree to grow and evolve through your input. so if you think you could be involved, but don't see your input mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact us anyway!


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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by SunshineDaydream » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:41 pm

Playatech seeks a web designer/programmer to create a new web site for one of the most popular art projects at Burning Man. And, we seek a CAD programmer to turn more of our pencil sketches into published designs for everyone to build. Help us Seat Our City!

Since our debut in 2005, our creative do-it-yourself slotted plywood furniture designs have spread virally to hundreds of camps, dozens of playa art installations, and thousands of locations around the world. You've sat in it, climbed on it, been served drinks from it, seen it burn spectacularly, and otherwise participated in ejecting IKEA from our desert. And we've raised thousands for our beneficiary BRAF.

The furniture rocks, but the web site sucks. And we're 3 years behind in letting the world know about more cool designs. Ok, so please help us do something about it!!!

The web site needs:

- A good template and look, in a standard e-commerce package that supports multiple images per "product" and categorizing products by department.

- Moving all the content from the current hand-scripted site to a product database-driven site, and adding new content that has piled up for a couple years.

- Add more designs, from a CAD jock that we need to find too!

If you can help, please email [email protected].

You'll be guaranteed a ride on our mutant vehicle for the burn - more importantly, nearly anywhere you go in Black Rock City from Airport to deep playa, you'll be able to say "I helped make your project happen". Trust us, being a Burning Man Artist doesn't get any better than that. Unless you get an art grant and 20 tickets! - The Only Brand The Man Can Stand

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by whimsy » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:06 am

Mating Shadows ( is a nighttime installation that allows participants to dance with their shadows on the playa. The installation explores the connection between art and music.

We are currently looking for 2-D artists to contribute pieces for our art gallery console. We need visual artists -- and this broad category includes photographers, poets, and writers -- to create pieces that are inspired by music and associated with playlists. You don't have to live anywhere specific to contribute. As long as you can mail us a piece of art and a DVD, your creativity can attend the Burn, even if you don't.

If you are intrigued, inspired, or interested, please read our Call for Artists page ( ... or-artists) and write to us for the music links.

Meps, aka Hug Slut of the Happy Spot

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by masho » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:30 pm


artist: remash
project: starlight
based in: seattle | greenlake
description: Starlight - is a modest sculpture installation for Burning Man 2012. Seven twelve foot diameter icosahedron plywood stars will be placed on the playa mapping out the constellation Orion creating a "heaven on earth" effect. Ideally participants would own their own star. the starlights could be claimed, built and managed by multiple groups/individuals one per star or more? The stars could then be adorned, sheathed, painted, papier mache'd reflect the whim and individuality of the owner.

the basics:

My last serious offering was the Helix Spire
I am looking to collaborate with people who are genuinely interested in producing art work. Builders, woodworkers, electricians, mechanics, graffiti artists, painters tinkerers etc....
The prototype light will be built in the coming weeks (end of may?)
The prototype light will be displayed at Critical Massive in July.
Plywood parts will be cut by cnc router.
Materials include 1/4" marine plywood and simple plumbing pipe.
Shipping appears to be dealt with.
Yes I have tickets.

If you want to take "the red pill" PM me with questions.

Cheers - remash

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by forrest Gump » Fri May 18, 2012 8:28 am

The mysterious wheel of uncertainty and mystical inclusion?

contact info: [email protected]

we are located in Santa cruz and Fremont CA

In the spirit of the small town carnival mixed with the magic of burning man. Burners can wander into our carnival and participants will spin a large wheel and depending on where it stops will be directed to do things that you might not do in the default world. Some of the things are just silly some are more adventurous all are inclusive. Examples might be spinner must hug 10 strangers, dance when they walk, volunteer for a day, become a piece of art, ect.. We would like to cater particularly to virgins and give then a gentile push toward the spirit of burning man. Our mantra is Participants become the art and the art is Participation.

Layout description
the carnival portion of the camp will open to the road. This is the theme camp / interactive space; a wheel and prize wall under a 25' to 30' shade structure. Behind the cubicles, vehicles will be used as a perimeter geodesic domes and personal tents arranged inside. Approximately 10 personal tents and smaller shades are expected. Shared spaces will include a 20' diameter shade structure, 10'x20' carport cooking and eating space, evaporation device, shower bag structure, and various comfy camping chairs.

we need carpenters and designer to help us build our wheel and large sign

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by seven_nomad » Fri May 18, 2012 12:55 pm


Burn Wall Street ( is still looking to fill its crew and volunteer roster:

JOIN THE BUILD CREW: If you are interest in being part of the build crew and can commit to a chunk of time between July through September send your resume to Otto Von Danger ([email protected]). Please include your skills, relevant experience (including BM experience), time availability, where you are from, references, and your contact details (email and phone number). Specifically we are looking for: LOTS! of journeymen carpenters / lead carpenters (contractor/master level) / lead rigger (certified) / painters with some carpentry experience / lighting lead / neon fabricator / mechanic to work on genies, tools and vehicles that might break, also must have carpentry experience.

PARTICIPATE ON THE PLAYA: Bring your foreclosure notices and pink slips for burning in the Bank of UnAmerica building. Sign up to be a teller at one of the banks. Be one of the 5 keynote speakers at 9AM in the NYSE Building. Be part of the playa restoration crew… and of course go to Burning Man and interact at the installation.

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Divine Feminine has a ticket for a driver with truck

Post by Drtygrl » Sat May 26, 2012 11:42 am

We have a Burning Man ticket and early arrival pass to exchange for towing our 8,000 lb trailer from Oakland to BRC and return. Must arrive BRC Thursday August 23rd and return no sooner than Tuesday Sept.4th

We also welcome any other type of building or party planning help in June and July!

Call Jack 510 893 3247
or 510 387 8825

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by dudedsy » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:37 pm

Pedal Powered Bumper Cars!!!

email: [email protected]

We are located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Because bumper cars are awesome! A little microcosm of social interaction, a game about bumping into each other for mutual enjoyment. Pedal powered bumper cars have all of the fun, excitement, interaction, and people watching; plus they're green!

We plan to bring out a dozen pedal powered bumper cars with an arena, set up open and facing the street for all to enjoy, a random gem in the streets, decorated to the nines, out of the carnival and onto the Playa with panache and a green twist.

We need help from other welders and metal fabricators (or people who would be interested in learning while they work), people who want to help decorate/light/fur the cars and the arena, etc. I'd love to hear from anybody who would like to help out the project in any way, I'm sure we can find a way to include you and we need your help!

So if you're interested, please, let me know! I look forward to working with you!

Many Thanks,

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by mightymike032 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:18 am

Artist - MightyMike the Fluffer King ([email protected])
Project Name - Electric Lazy Lounge (!/pages/Elect ... 2872224072)
City - Roy, Utah
Description - The Electric Lazy if a full sensory experience. Through a process of sensory overload the Electric Lazy allows participants to disassociate from their sence of self and transport to place we call "Lazyland". It has spent two years on the playa as single participant experience and this year we plan to beef it up four participants.
What I need - So far, I am the lone artist so any help would be appreciated. Here is a brief synopsis of skills I could put to good use.
Welders/Carpenters - to build the platform/bed. My guy decided to go fight fires.
Solderers - to wire the glasses together.
Seamstresses/Seamsters - to make the bed inviting and cozy.
Lighting Gurus - to bring in the moths.
Sound Gurus - to give her that nice rumble we so enjoy.
Powerers - battery/solar/generator experts to keep her powered all night.
Structurers - BM may not go for the Mobile aspect of my proposal so we may need to fall back into an installation.
Helpers - anybody else that wants to throw in a helping hand.

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Volunteers Needed! Support for 2 sculptures for BRC 2012!

Post by heartfull_universe » Sun Jun 24, 2012 4:32 pm

Hello, e-Playa! My name is Beth, and this year I'm working with 2 large-scale sculptures for this year's Burn. As many of you probably know, it's crunch time! These projects - and more - can use all the *experienced* help we can get. Take a look, and if it's up your alley, shoot me an email: [email protected]

1. Heartfullness by Katy Boynton
San Francisco Bay Area (Build site: Treasure Island)
Katy Boynton - known for her welding and support work on Bliss Dance - is creating a sculpture of her own for the Playa this year: a 12' tall heart made of patchwork sheet metal. Burning Man attendees will be able to climb a rope ladder inside and nestle into hammocks hanging inside.

What we need:
* Indiegogo campaign manager+ communicator: there's no link to a website b/c we don't have one yet. Manage FB communications and Indiegogo campaign. Make sure our network of donors and volunteers are up to date with everything that's happening.
* Lighting hacker/guru: the sculpture will to pulse at night like a beating heart. Can you hack LED strips and code them to do this?
* Solar expert: our lights should be solar-powered and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
* Rope and knot expert: We'd love for our hammocks and ladders to be artisinally made.
* Task rabbit: like doing random errands? This is the job for you. Or like 3 of you :)

2. The Universe Revolves Around you by Zachary Coffin ... round-you/
San Francisco Bay Area (Build site: American Steel)
Zachary Coffin - the large-scale kinetic sculptor known for gigantic works such as the Temple of Gravity - is creating a 30' merry-go-round made of granite and steel. Burning Man participants will be able to push the rocks to get the entire sculpture spinning. The work will weigh over 80,000 lbs and placed at the Keyhole this year. Check out the link above for more details! And this one too for more info on Zach and his vision(s): ... ry-coffin/

What we need:
* Kickstarter campaign manager+ communicator: Manage FB communications and Kickstarter campaign. Make sure our network of donors and volunteers are up to date with everything that's happening.
* Video Editor: we have footage, we just need to make the video.
* Welders/Builders: our main crew works on Playa and will start working out there at the beginning of August. We need some folks to replace them. These may be paid gigs for experience crew folk
* Task rabbit: there's always somethin', and I'm always workin'. Maybe you can help?

Both of these projects offer awesome, one-of-a-kind experiences in supporting and building large-scale sculptures. Make time for the know you want to :)

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by twatrick » Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:53 pm

the universal boop zone is looking for us scavenge the materials, help us build it, help us run it, helps us moop it,boop b4u moop it........all types of burners welcome especially virgins,plse use us as way to tap into the 2012 burn and camp fees just a willingness to will be required to bring a small list of materials and craft some swag...options to join in the fun and games of the performance side of the piece will b given priority.....any artistik ideas u can bring r welcome.small camp small budget big ideas....booop booooop

thankyou twatrick

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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by adamexcess » Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:42 pm

We're seeking to create Burning Man's first and only NOMADIC GAY BAR!!! HELP US CREATE A MOBILE QUEER CELEBRATORY SPACE ON THE PLAYA!!!

We want to create "RAINBOW's END" a mobile celebratory queer space on the playa! We're constructing a bar, dancefloor, go go stages, and dj Booth all of which are collapsible and carted around by bike.

We need your help to:
Let us know if you want to get involved/volunteer as a bar tender, drag/burlesque performer, dj, go go dancer, bike peddler.
We want this to be a community space, participate however you want. Email me at [email protected] to take part.


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Re: Art Projects Seeking Participants

Post by trilobyte » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:11 pm

Artists, volunteers - go check out Spark - the new Burning Man collaboration site. Check out the Burning Blog post about it, or go here to check out the site, sign up, and connect with collaborators!


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