Boston's CORE project "The Cod Piece"

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Boston's CORE project "The Cod Piece"

Postby dnightshade » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:58 am

The Boston Cod Piece is going to be a 19ft long wooden cod brought to Burning Man as an art project. It is part of the Circle Of Regional Effigies (CORE), which is a series of 35 effigies made by local communities from around the world that will surround The Man at Burning Man 2012. In a celebration recognizing the bonds between different regions, all of the effigies will be burned on Thursday night (August 30th).

The body of the cod will be climbable with wood scales for people to write and draw on. Inside the fish, will be shade and seating to provide an oasis from the heat and dust during the day. Using LEDs, the body of the fish will be outlined while the ground is bathed in watery tones. To represent how fertility (Burning Man's theme this year) leads to abundance and potentially followed by exploitation and collapse, at night a skeleton outline of the fish will occasionally shine representing the collapsed cod stocks in the northern Atlantic.

We are looking for donations to help fund the build process of this project.

Please donate here: ... igy-2012-0


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