2012 Art Project - Issues on the Table

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2012 Art Project - Issues on the Table

Postby toaster » Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:06 pm


This is a project about verbal abuse to a child growing up in the shadow of parent where the child only wants approval and support, but almost never sees it. He is never good enough. He is told over and over he is worthless and worse.... it's a true story.

My Story

This is my 3rd year with an installation project in the medium to small category; often about the size of a Volkswagen bug. This one is the most personal project to date as it goes back and reaches deep into the very dysfunctional relationship I had with my father growing up. Looking at the graphic you can clearly see two sides of a dining table with one side melting into the other.

The melting side is the abusive and harsh words, actual phrases of the abuse, swirling and melting into the middle. The family dining experience has a division where words of hope repel the abusive words with a strong finish; clean and ordered after a new outlook from the opposite perspective.

My father is actually an established artist in his day working in a medium that he was extremely talented in. One might figure he may have encouraged creativity in his children. He was discouraging and completely crushing to one of his kids in particular and that is the one building this piece.

The Impact

Maybe other people will see the words in here and find strength or inspiration in some way. The contextual content is connected to the image and will merge into the three-dimensional table top so that they are legible and clean. It will be a complete table-top, chairs and dishware with a sculpted surface and suspended on an "invisible" metal rack at an angle above the ground and at eye level. It will be coated in copper with corrosive elements strategically placed as if oxidizing naturally.

What We Need

I need to get my butt started on this asap. I want to be able to show it over this summer here in San Francisco... if for some reason I cannot go to Burning Man I want to still have a piece that can CAN go. I need a caprpenter and some basics to get the foundation of the project. 4 wood pallets, press board, black vaneer and dining table elements. I have the chairs already, but can get an affordable table from anywhere. I do need cash for materials and help right away.

One of my skills is pastry and I can offer that to people who do help support. I have not been so good at filling some of these perks in the past because I was reacing way too high and was not completely funded on all the projects. So, I will be offering items in the realm of reality. IF you want something more suggestions and requests are welcome! Liek pictures, video and whatever else we can come up with.

Scott @ art23design.com

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