Pier is looking for a few good burners.

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Pier is looking for a few good burners.

Post by fbcota » Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:26 pm

Are you an awesome builder who loves to make giant art for Burning Man? Would you like to work your ass off for the rest of the summer and go out to the black rock dessert for a month to a make a ship? Do you like mom jokes, snark, and being surrounded by good people? Well then I have the offer for you. Pier 2 needs a couple of good men or women to help us build, paint, decorate, and make awesome Pier 2. We need people who can work in Reno from until now to the playa!

If your seriously interested in much more then a Burning Man ticket please email me at mrschultz@gmail.com. I promise good friends, an amazing experience and a whole lot of really hard, really dusty work,... did I mention its fun?

Have a great day,
Matt / Janky


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