artist call for mail art....we also need volunteers.boop

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artist call for mail art....we also need volunteers.boop

Post by twatrick » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:40 pm


dealine must arrive in time to be delivered to the UNIVERSAL BOOP ZONE...MONDAY THE 27TH AUGUST 2012

address;....universal boop zone
po box 353
point arena
california usa
you are invited to mail art to the Universal boop zone,@ burningman 2012,the art will b displayed attached to the the end of the week the art will be will be used, seen and recorded b4 we destroy it.
Guidlines; no loose items attached such as glitter,try to keep it eco, you dont have to... but if it looks like pieces of it will blow away in the wind we will not display it openly, but we will burn it.
Around an inch to two inches of one edge will be covered by adhesive tape and will not b seen.U do not have to make this obvious although u can.The universal boop zone has lots of supporting poles that the art will b taped to showing the variety of boops all around us in the universe.
The piece MUST embody in some way your interpretation of the werd, sound whatever boop,boooooop ,boooop bop,boooooooooooooop,BOOP,BOooop or any other variety of boop you so see fit.
you are asked to consider attaching a paper banknote (eg $100) from any country with boop written on it....this is not required to participate merely an option some of the artists are exercising.
no limit to how many you send.
you can physically deliver the boop art during the week of Burningman.
the piece must not be signed or contain advertising.
we do not give guarantees or promises but we will do our best....booop boooop.
it can make noise......

for more info on the boop.....

plse make a note on the facecrack page above that u have SENT a piece, or more for inclusion, so we can make adjustments from trickle to tidal wave of art we have to deal,If this offends you in anyway ignore me and send it anyway,boop booop...

the group page for open discussion concerning our plans is.......

in advance of your participation i would like to thankyou for whatever direction you take this.thankyou.twatrick


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