NUI Music Media table Using reactivision - projectors needed

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NUI Music Media table Using reactivision - projectors needed

Postby anonymùs » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:01 pm

Hello everyone, great to be here and thanks for taking the time to read this. Burningman has been a second home for me for quite some time now, and I never really felt involved past bringing myself. Hope things change this year!

Here is some background info about this project before I get started.
I recently started building my own implementation of the Reactivision open source software. The current version is operated using symbol recognition to generate audio/visual response to the symbols placement and movement. The table's operation allows ALL users to make creative and well-timed music, regardless of musical talent. This can be expanded to needing an extreme amount of talent as well (based on the timing options used when creating a track). This gets a little repetitive at times but here is an old functionality video from around New Years
And here is a video with slightly older functionality, but includes a vague explanation.
Here is the oldest test video

Since then, the project has expanded quite a bit. The new table has been dubbed The Leviathan MR-3 because it is gigantic and heavy. That being said, it can be completely collapsed into a manageable size. The functionality of the table has changed a great deal and is much easier to use than in the videos. The surface is roughly 50' by 32'... That’s inches and the projected image covers nearly all of it. I would show you except for one problem. Over the weekend at MASSV my projector bulb burned out. Not too big of a deal, but it is yet another $200 speed bump for the road to BM.

The news isn't all bad though, a donator who saw my project donated 3 new cameras. If I can get 3 more short-throw projectors there will be 3 more tables to bring out. 3 small tables can be controlled by one large table or any number of combinations. I have a ton of ideas, though I want to have a few surprises if I can get this out there. Some of my other ideas can use additional projectors as well, and will involve projecting on to a new/semi cheap type of screen I have come up with unlike any other.

This project is free for everyone to enjoy, both inside and outside of Burningman(as long as they have respect and aren't too drunk). I would love to start bringing this outa the hometown(Sun Valley, ID) and on the road as well. If interested in helping out at burningman or otherwise you can contact me at . Could really use help from people well versed in midi and audio/video applications, or really just anyone technical. You can also find the project on facebook.
Feel free to leave opinions and comments as well.

Here is a list of things I could put to use if you have any unused items sitting around and would care to donate them to the project.

Computer projectors – (Both short throw and regular)
MIDI/DMX lasers or lights
DMX to MIDI converter
Audio/video cables – triple sleeve ¼’ / mono ¼’/ HDMI / XLR/ and just about anything else
Inferred lights/light strips
Inferred Cameras
Milky translucent plastic vellum/tracing paper
Flat monitors
Wireless usb keyboard/mice
fog machines
Computers capable of running windows 7 64bit
I will add more if/when I think of it

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Camp Name: "Planet funkatron"-unlisted

Re: NUI Music Media table Using reactivision - projectors ne

Postby anonymùs » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:53 pm

Oh yeah, I usually do some silk screening out there if anyone has any good shirt ideas. PM me or email me if you have a design and would like to screen it. I have to limit the color to black to make things easy out there. If you bring a blank shirt/or whatever ill screen it. I'll try to come up with a shirt or 2 myself. Here is an example from a few years back.

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