Bikini parade - world record

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homo ardentum
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Bikini parade - world record

Postby homo ardentum » 4 years ago

After a few G&Ts and aimless web browsing, I am astounded to learn that world record for a bikini parade is only 450. WTF!
(what's up with Minnesota by the way. 38? Sheesh!)

Back Home on the playa, we should be able to beat that without breaking a sweat. Who's up for it? Men, women, and others are all invited! The only drag is we probably have to get the Guiness world record guy a ticket...

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Ugly Dougly
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Re: Bikini parade - world record

Postby Ugly Dougly » 4 years ago

Only because there was nothing better to do between county fair and the opening of ice-fishing season, ya.

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Re: Bikini parade - world record

Postby tattoogoddess » 4 years ago

have you posted on the playa events?
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